Cold Front

27 June, 2007

Those of you in Johannesburg will know that last night we had howling winds, thunder and hail which gave our gardens a “snow like” finish this morning.

When I saw the garden through the kitchen window this morning, I propped my son up onto the counter and said “Oh my, Oliver!  look at the garden it’s covered in ice!”

Oliver corrected my statement and proudly announced…”It’s not ICE mama! (eyesroll…yes, they can do this at three) …..It’s Sherbet!” He then had the biggest grin on his face and said “I am soooooo happy!”.

Forget “fame & fortune”….sherbet is more important to an almost-three-year old.

We then had to venture out to SEE the sherbet …and I realised why he was soooooo happy.

Over Easter I cut out a stencil of a “rabbit” paw…looked more like a bear paw…but any how…and used the stencil with baby powder to strategically place a “Easter Bunny” prints on the grass wherever he hid eggs. 

So this was Easter Egg heaven to my son!! I had to explain that it was too cold to look for eggs this morning and that we will have to see if we can find any Easter Eggs this afternoon…..anyone know where I can get easter eggs from?… in June?? 


Inspecting the “Sherbet”


Tasting the “Sherbet”!


Liza and David love nature and wanted to do their engagement shoot in a “countryside” setting.  We had a venue, and on my ‘must do’ list was a “roll in the grass”… So, when they arrived, I thought, I wonder if they will agree to lay down in the grass in their nice CLEAN clothes.   

Thank you, Liza and David, for being so adventurous! – I always wanted to photograph a couple rolling around in the “hay”! 

 Your “Dust Dance” also created some very different images, which I love!

Here’s a peek….  





Not everyone’s cup of tea…but I love these “dust dance” images!

David and Liza’s engagement shoot was at Isidleke, a stunning venue, in Modderfontein Conservation Park. A place where you to feel like you are in the bush and it is literally 10 minutes away from Edenvale. For those that are interested in seeing the venue you can contact Helen who co-ordinates all their functions and weddings  BTW……This is where I got married! 

Who’s your Daddy

17 June, 2007

Today is Father’s Day …..Fathers’ Day – an occasion to honour your dad and express gratitude for his love and support. In honour of the “fathers” out there I have posted a couple of my “fatherly images” taken at some recent newborn shoots. 

My life, on the other hand, is not as serene and composed as in the pics posted … hubby is father of three boys…all under three!!  

I recently got the run down of what you should and shouldn’t do on ‘blogs’ ….so I am not sure if it is ‘PC’ to have jokes on your blog? But ‘PC’ or not, this joke was to me the summary of my eldest child who will be buying “Dadda something speshaaal” this Fathers’ Day. 

After tucking in almost-3-year-old Oliver for bed (the eldest) one night, ‘Dadda’ heard sobbing coming from his room. Rushing back in, he found Oliver crying hysterically.

Oli managed to tell ‘Dadda’ he had swallowed a coin and he was sure he was going to die…. No amount of talking or persuasion was helping.

Dadda, in an attempt to calm him down, retrieved a coin from his pocket and pretended to pull it from Oli’s ear. Oliver was delighted. In a flash, he snatched it from his ‘Dadda’s’ hand, swallowed, and then cheerfully demanded, “Do It again Dadda! Do it again!“  

Happy Fathers day ‘DADDA’!  




 The Boys

My hubby and the twins (Jake and Liam) when they were one week old!

Thank you

13 June, 2007

We often get thank you emails  from couples after a wedding,  just got this one… actually I have to confess,  I got it earlier …only got to the blog thing this afternoon (addiction wearing off?).

It’s always wonderful when someone takes the time out to let you know how much they appreciate your pictures, makes it all worthwhile in the end. Sounds like raising kids, I know, but us creatives are a little ……em …….on the “sensitive” side!….and anyhow  11 hours on your feet carrying a big ass camera and a bag of equipment isn’t as easy as it sounds. 

Can’t Relate?….Let’s rephrase….just like all those details; the menu cards, the flowers, the gifts, the name tags etc. on the table were not, to all the grooms out there, created by the little fairies the night before! Anyway this is what Michelle and Andre had to say…

We would like to thank you for all your hard work, professionalism, attention to detail and your ability to make everyone feel at ease. The sneak previews that you have submitted to us are absolutely stunning!  You have captured a beautiful day for us and we will treasure these for as long as we live!”

A little late with this one…but I wanted André and Michelle to see their “sneak peaks” before I publish their pics on my blog!

Well, for someone that claimed he was a.,…..”little camera shy”, André you sure did pull off a sweet “poser” charade!
What a gorgeous winters day and perfect place to celebrate such a beautiful couple.

For André the most important thing was that “Michelle must be happy” which to me encapsulates the true meaning of love!

Here are my favourite pics…

Winter is here

5 June, 2007

The cool, crisp winter mornings and shorter days are quickly closing in on us. This is definately the time for red wine and a hypnotising fire!

What better way to “celebrate winter” than to freeze your butt off in the early hours of the morning……shooting Nina and Ryan’s engagement shoot!

As Ryan so eloquently put it “ 7am… looked good on paper.” 

We once again had to dodge security (what is it with me and security??) and jump over a fence to get to the horse carrousel but all in all we had a great time photographing  ….YIP even at 7 am in the morning!

Nina and Ryan will be getting married in a couple of months time so watch this post. Here are couple of pics from their shoot.



Ricky & Nadine

1 June, 2007

It’s only day two and I am finding this “blog thing” quite addictive….found myself straying from my usual editing last night ….to creating this blog! 

I sometimes act as a “second shooter” for a friend of mine, who has her own wedding photography business.  I did so recently at Ricky and Nadine’s wedding. …and all I can say is …..WOW !….. What a blast!  

From stopping traffic down Jan Smuts Avenue to almost getting kicked out of “The Zone” for not having a photographing permit, and almost getting the bridal party run down by the notoriously “patient” Gauteng drivers…what more could you ask for!  We had so much fun with you both. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special day. 

BTW: Nadine was even prepared to “sprawl” herself across the Hyatt’s Grand Piano… all in the quest of good photography!…Ricky….bring on the Porche! 

Here are my favourite pics of the day:

 Nadine 01














BTW..I second shot for Tanja Vogt,  if you would like to see her work go to the South African online wedding guide. Can’t give you her web address as it is “work in progress”.