Ricky & Nadine

1 June, 2007

It’s only day two and I am finding this “blog thing” quite addictive….found myself straying from my usual editing last night ….to creating this blog! 

I sometimes act as a “second shooter” for a friend of mine, who has her own wedding photography business.  I did so recently at Ricky and Nadine’s wedding. …and all I can say is …..WOW !….. What a blast!  

From stopping traffic down Jan Smuts Avenue to almost getting kicked out of “The Zone” for not having a photographing permit, and almost getting the bridal party run down by the notoriously “patient” Gauteng drivers…what more could you ask for!  We had so much fun with you both. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special day. 

BTW: Nadine was even prepared to “sprawl” herself across the Hyatt’s Grand Piano… all in the quest of good photography!…Ricky….bring on the Porche! 

Here are my favourite pics of the day:

 Nadine 01














BTW..I second shot for Tanja Vogt,  if you would like to see her work go to www.celebration.co.za the South African online wedding guide. Can’t give you her web address as it is “work in progress”.


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