Liza & David’s “dust dance”

24 June, 2007

Liza and David love nature and wanted to do their engagement shoot in a “countryside” setting.  We had a venue, and on my ‘must do’ list was a “roll in the grass”… So, when they arrived, I thought, I wonder if they will agree to lay down in the grass in their nice CLEAN clothes.   

Thank you, Liza and David, for being so adventurous! – I always wanted to photograph a couple rolling around in the “hay”! 

 Your “Dust Dance” also created some very different images, which I love!

Here’s a peek….  





Not everyone’s cup of tea…but I love these “dust dance” images!

David and Liza’s engagement shoot was at Isidleke, a stunning venue, in Modderfontein Conservation Park. A place where you to feel like you are in the bush and it is literally 10 minutes away from Edenvale. For those that are interested in seeing the venue you can contact Helen who co-ordinates all their functions and weddings  BTW……This is where I got married! 


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