Cold Front

27 June, 2007

Those of you in Johannesburg will know that last night we had howling winds, thunder and hail which gave our gardens a “snow like” finish this morning.

When I saw the garden through the kitchen window this morning, I propped my son up onto the counter and said “Oh my, Oliver!  look at the garden it’s covered in ice!”

Oliver corrected my statement and proudly announced…”It’s not ICE mama! (eyesroll…yes, they can do this at three) …..It’s Sherbet!” He then had the biggest grin on his face and said “I am soooooo happy!”.

Forget “fame & fortune”….sherbet is more important to an almost-three-year old.

We then had to venture out to SEE the sherbet …and I realised why he was soooooo happy.

Over Easter I cut out a stencil of a “rabbit” paw…looked more like a bear paw…but any how…and used the stencil with baby powder to strategically place a “Easter Bunny” prints on the grass wherever he hid eggs. 

So this was Easter Egg heaven to my son!! I had to explain that it was too cold to look for eggs this morning and that we will have to see if we can find any Easter Eggs this afternoon…..anyone know where I can get easter eggs from?… in June?? 


Inspecting the “Sherbet”


Tasting the “Sherbet”!


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