Sleeping Matthew

31 July, 2007

I haven’t posted a newborn shoot in a while…so will dedicate this weeks blog to little Matthew. We got some great images and Matthew even fell asleep on the job…a photographers dream!

Here are a couple of images from the shoot. I am afraid that I have not had time to get round all my editing so only two pics on this post! Thank you Gys and René for being such relaxed parents! I am sticking with my mood today which is definately COLOUR!




Ailie & Brett

23 July, 2007

I second shot again,  two weeks ago,  which meant less pressure on me and more fun experimenting! Ailie and Brett got married at the Moon & Sixpence.

I was a little nervous at shooting at the same venue for two consecutive weekends ….I was petrified that I may fall into the “cookie cutter” mould… Gawd help me!

Glad to say that their pics turned out totally different….sigh of relief……it seems that each wedding, with it’s own unique couple, takes on a “personality” of its own!  (I must be honest and confess that there is one image that does look similar but if you put the two images together they actually look different…and 1 in lets say 400 edited pics that looks almost the same…thats not too bad!)

Enough about me…and back to Ailie and Brett…..The only word that can decribe Ailie is “ORGANISED” with a capital “O” from the time I arrived, everything was in perfect order and everything ran ahead of schedulle…which is not the norm…trust me!

I on the other hand (YIP… back to me, again!) could not even remember the names of Ailie’s bridesmaid’s, so I raised the white flag and stuck to “Preggy”, “Sexy” and “Sultry”.

I am once again humbled and honoured that I get invited to participate in something this special where two people exchange their love for each other.

Thank you Ailie and Brett!

My favourite images…













Snuck this candid in of “Preggy” and her hubby (above)






(PS: I did not realise that I had so many frequent blog visitor’s…I update my blog once a week and this is done on either Monday or Tuesday afternoon…depending on how organised I have been!)

The day that my son Oliver has been looking forward to for the last month finally arrived this weekend…his Party!

The theme he chose was a “fire engine party”!…Those that know me,  know that I do not do things in halves. So I made fire engine invites,  read up on games on the internet and approached our local fire station to see whether the guys could make a visit.

Well what a party it was if I do say so myself!! The local fire team were great, they brought the biggest firetruck they had,  gave the kids a ride in the Fire engine and “showered” our home with their water hose. And as an extra treat for the moms …we got the best looking firemen too!…mmmmm…..I don’t know what it is about men in uniform! (I might try and persuade my son to do the fire engine party again!!! ….purely for his benefit,  you understand!!)

A couple of pics…







Oliver doing the obstacle course.


Not sure if I the parents appreciated my games …but the kids had to put out a real fire and rescue a fluffy toy from the tree.

Happy Birthday Oliver!!!

I was fortunate enough in having Dror Eyal as a second shooter at Nina & Ryan’s wedding last week and I think between the two of us we must have shot over 4000 images!

Nina and Ryan are naturals infront of the camera their constant smiles and laughter were a highlight of the day!

Thank you for trusting us to document your special day, it was a great experience!

This was most definately one of the most fun receptions that I have photographed! EVERYONE, and I mean everyone, knew how to Boogie! I now finally understand the term “white men can’t dance”. I witneseed the the “TK” shimmee and the “Dube” jig. On this occassion, I would have to say it was a good thing that they hired a videographer as my shutter battled to keep up with their guests “shakin stevens” moves!

I now also understand why to Ryan the most important thing was the DJ, not the photographer, not the venue, not the catering or colour scheme …but the DJ! I think they had weekly meetings to discuss the music line up!

My favourite pics, a little more than I planned to post,  but I can’t choose!








Dror snapped the pic above




My favourite pic of the day (Yip …taken by Dror) and the flare is not a photoshop manipulation this is as he took it …perfect positioning!












New kid on the block!

3 July, 2007

Whoopee! I am proud to announce that my website has gone “live” this week.

I am not sure how to do the link on this blog so here is the web address a little long I know ….I did not think of this when registering the site.


Dror Eyal, designed the webpages and if I do say so myself I think that the design of the website is great!! Clear, simple and uncluttered!

Dror has been my mentor, my inspiration and adviser, I have nothing but utmost respect and admiration for him.  

Thank you Dror for making a huge change in my life!

BTW… for the bride that thought that the first pic on the site was a boob, I’d just  like to point out that it is actually a pregnant belly….hell they do not make boobs as firm as that!!!!…. silicone or no silicone!