Ailie & Brett

23 July, 2007

I second shot again,  two weeks ago,  which meant less pressure on me and more fun experimenting! Ailie and Brett got married at the Moon & Sixpence.

I was a little nervous at shooting at the same venue for two consecutive weekends ….I was petrified that I may fall into the “cookie cutter” mould… Gawd help me!

Glad to say that their pics turned out totally different….sigh of relief……it seems that each wedding, with it’s own unique couple, takes on a “personality” of its own!  (I must be honest and confess that there is one image that does look similar but if you put the two images together they actually look different…and 1 in lets say 400 edited pics that looks almost the same…thats not too bad!)

Enough about me…and back to Ailie and Brett…..The only word that can decribe Ailie is “ORGANISED” with a capital “O” from the time I arrived, everything was in perfect order and everything ran ahead of schedulle…which is not the norm…trust me!

I on the other hand (YIP… back to me, again!) could not even remember the names of Ailie’s bridesmaid’s, so I raised the white flag and stuck to “Preggy”, “Sexy” and “Sultry”.

I am once again humbled and honoured that I get invited to participate in something this special where two people exchange their love for each other.

Thank you Ailie and Brett!

My favourite images…













Snuck this candid in of “Preggy” and her hubby (above)






(PS: I did not realise that I had so many frequent blog visitor’s…I update my blog once a week and this is done on either Monday or Tuesday afternoon…depending on how organised I have been!)


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