Robyn & Stephen

28 August, 2007

Last week I had the pleasure of shooting Robyn and Steven’s engagement shoot. We were stuck for a venue and Steven was not too keen on my idea of “them doing their Tango” at a ballroom location.

I always encourage couples to select a venue or location that means something to the both of them……. so I hope neither Robyn nor Steven took offence at my next suggestion…the Sanatorium!

Steve, who claims he hates the camera, “seemed” like one of those quite, reserved type of guys…but two minutes into the shoot I realised how wrong I was! …maybe the location was not such a bad selection!!

All in all I think we got some cute and fun engagement pics!





Steven thought I was “crazy” when I told him what to do for this shot!





Another Newborn shoot!

21 August, 2007

There are just not enough hours in a day!!!….things have been nothing short of “hectic” and the editing backlog has been growing! I have not had a chance to post everything that I had intended on and apologise to those who have not made the blog!

I shot little Maksim last week and got some really fantastic shots…another sleeping baby ..must be my lucky week!

Will try and catch up on the editing so that I can post some more on what I have been up to!

I am afraid that I can not post my favourite photos of the shoot (mom feeding Maksim…which BTW turned out beautifully!)  but here are couple of pics with mom…



Lauren & Wesley

13 August, 2007

Thaba Ya Batswana – Lauren & Wesley put together an incredible wedding, everything about the day oozed with character and style, with Wesley being a graphic designer and Lauren (…and let’s not forget her mom!) being a stickler for perfection, the attention to small details was incredible. I could have just posted the pics of the details! 

Wesley even created a logo “wesleyloveslauren” that branded all the wedding stationary…it was clear that alot of thought and effort went into it all.  BTW…mom and Dad were instructed, by the couple, to wear latex gloves when handling the wedding stationary.

Arriving early I scouted the venue for various backdrops to use for the “creative portraits” and had a couple of options on my list…..and then my biggest fear as a wedding photographer….we ran out of “natural light”.

Thank goodness the venue had a couple of interesting nooks with some incredible lighting that we were able to use …that and the amazing sunset have resulted in some great pics!

I really had a brilliant time, thanks Lauren and Wesley for having me document your special day. I hope that when you get back to the UK your images will reflect a bit the “African soil” where you exchanged your vows.

My only regret? ….that I did not get to see Wesley perform live…..groupies and all!

Enough babbling here are the highlights…..





















7 August, 2007

Being a photographer means that you are privileged, as you get to spend some pretty special moments with people.

I feel as if I have some how travelled down a path with Sophia and her “extended” family. They were my first family shoot, three and a half years ago, I photographed her wedding, her sisters’ engagement shoot and was recently fortunate enough to photograph Sophia’s little bump!