Lauren & Wesley

13 August, 2007

Thaba Ya Batswana – Lauren & Wesley put together an incredible wedding, everything about the day oozed with character and style, with Wesley being a graphic designer and Lauren (…and let’s not forget her mom!) being a stickler for perfection, the attention to small details was incredible. I could have just posted the pics of the details! 

Wesley even created a logo “wesleyloveslauren” that branded all the wedding stationary…it was clear that alot of thought and effort went into it all.  BTW…mom and Dad were instructed, by the couple, to wear latex gloves when handling the wedding stationary.

Arriving early I scouted the venue for various backdrops to use for the “creative portraits” and had a couple of options on my list…..and then my biggest fear as a wedding photographer….we ran out of “natural light”.

Thank goodness the venue had a couple of interesting nooks with some incredible lighting that we were able to use …that and the amazing sunset have resulted in some great pics!

I really had a brilliant time, thanks Lauren and Wesley for having me document your special day. I hope that when you get back to the UK your images will reflect a bit the “African soil” where you exchanged your vows.

My only regret? ….that I did not get to see Wesley perform live…..groupies and all!

Enough babbling here are the highlights…..





















One Response to “Lauren & Wesley”

  1. Rosalie West Says:

    John and I have finally arrived home. We are so thrilled with your “sneak peek”. You have done an excellent job, only problem is, you have now left us wanting more. The photo’s are fantastic. Thank you so much. Andrea also a big thank you for your attention to detail and I am sure you have captured the whole lot. I would also like to put on record our thanks for making Wesley and Lauren’s day so special. The guests that we have spoken to since the wedding have all commented on the two lady photographers and how fantastic you were. Thank you. We have given them your website as a contact.
    with our kindest regards and warm wishes.
    Rose and John West

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