Admired in Africa

29 October, 2007

No wedding photographs this week!

Kinda old news just haven’t posted, those that read my blog will realise that all is posted at least a week after the event, so nothing new here!

I have been featured within an on-line web-magazine, and felt really flattered as I was up there with the likes of Mario Sales, Dror Eyal and Jean-Pierre Uys, who is the Fair Lady/Sarie/True Love Magazine ‘2006 Wedding Photographer of the Year’. I did feel a little out of my league but also honoured to be featured with these photographers.

I am not sure how to describe the on-line magazine so will quote directly from their description;

“Admired in Africa is about the best photographers in Africa currently working in Africa. Not the the arty, too cool for the world or the guns blazing into war zones guys. The one’s that are making a living photographing, photographing maternities, portraits, lifestyle, fashion and yes, weddings”


If you are interested in the interview you can have a look here

Excuse me while I go and find a pedestal to stand on….providing my head will fit through the door!


Two weeks behind with this wedding post…..sorry Hennie & Madeleine….I know you have been waiting for your post! Maybe one day I will use this blog thing properly by keeping it current!

Madeleine and Hennie who both live in the UK had planned an African wedding with many quirky twists! One detail in particular that had both me and my second photographer, Wesley, salivating;

Madeleine had arranged that the local ice-cream van, would drive through to the wedding reception and would be the “dessert” for the evening. We had it all planned the funky poses, with the ice-cream, the van, the videopgraphers light etc.etc…..and what happpened ………..the ice-cream van had an accident enroute! (We never did find out if the driver was OK?..too concerned about whether the van would make it…”can we not tow it through” is the last comment I remember making)

No ice-cream, but as you would imagine the wedding was great, and it was a pleasure spending the weekend with Madeleine & Hennie, who just generally were great and game for anything!…on that note I also have to mention that both Hennie and Madelaine, who ‘traded in’ their engagement session for a trash the dress session the next morning,  partied until 4am and then got up at 7am for the trash the dress session…that alone deserves a medal!(unfamiliar with the concept.. www.trashthe

I had hoped to post the Trash the dress pics together with their wedding …but am so far behind with editing, I will have to post these at a later stage when I get a breather…….yeah right!



Wesley’s shot of Hennie











 Another one of Wes’s shots



Feed the Ego!

19 October, 2007

Ok, Ok….Ok!!! world record for me…… this will be my fourth post in a week!  Enough NOW! Obsessive behaviour this week!

Just received a comment from the Scandinavian goddess on my blog …but on my PC you can’t view the comments on old posts (you have to actually click on the post to view it)….this is too “hidden” for me….I need to fuel my ego!!!

YIP, you guessed it, we photographers are high maintenance!

“Wow, stunning, awesome, I honestly never knew I could look so good in photos :o) It was an honor having you documenting our day Andrea, it was a real pleasure having you around too, you made it all so easy and non-cheesy(as you know, my biggest fear).

The result speaks for itself I think and we both could not be more pleased. For any brides to be out there searching for a photographer who can document/capture their day showing both real emotion and humor, this lady is as good as it gets!!!

Thank you again Andrea, you clearly possess both integrity and a real passion for what you do. Eva and Sparky”

Hell….forget the Bokke …..VIVA! …Andrea! ….VIVA!

Go Bokke!

19 October, 2007

Three posts in one week…..jeeez!

I couldn’t leave this one out …many people, other than us South Africans, don’t understand why the Springboks generate such pride and passion amoungst our nation, but all around me this morning everyone was wearing their green and gold! My husband, who is a “pommie” will also be supporting the boks!

Do us proud and send those “pommies” back over the Channel!


The Boyz

18 October, 2007

I quickly popped into Woolies today (…their pesto is just the best!) and was blown away by all the Christmas decorations all over the place, I can not believe that Christmas is around the corner…….when  did all of this happen? They say the older you get the faster the years go by….I must be getting old!!

I have been meaning to post an update on the boys (the twins almost a year..can you believe it!) for months, and had the PC crashing, the editing backlog etc. as excuses …as there “simply was no time!”

The Xmas decorations did it!…kicked my ass into gear, so here you are (I know some of you have been asking for months!)…some recent pics before they turn 18. 


Jake (the Screaming Socialite) in front, and Liam (the Terminator) at the back…..and “no” they are not identical.


My little superhero – Oliver

I was once again invited to be a “second shooter”…which I always enjoy as you get to do the FUN stuff (photographing) …minus the hard-work (the weeks of editing!).

I have never come across such a relaxed and “happy” bride…..Joanne basically smiled and laughed all day…almost too easy….she is happy (or smooching) in every picture!

I normally do not like to post too many “kiddy” pics,…but could not help myself with this wedding. Thank you to the little flowergirl that tried to pick up all the rose petals, thrown out of the baskets, by the other uneducated lot!

Here are my highlights of the day….













They met at “268 Staines” in London….and guests travelled from all over the world to see a South African by the name of “Sparky” exchange vows with a “Scandanavian Goddess” by the name of Eva.

The venue was perfect……the weather….. almost tooooo perfect (for a photographer) and our couple were ……well…..just perfect!

Eva and Matt were incredibly lucky to get a dramatic African Backdrop (with no rain!) to compliment their simple, yet unique day.

A day that was filled with emotion, laughs …….and guests with nicknames, that, alone would warrant a post! Shawn the Prawn, Big Dog, Rick Baby-Cakes, Buggy…I won’t go on!

Once again I was honoured to have Dror Eyal shoot with me and, between the two of us, we got some pretty cool stuff.

Eva and Matt you both ROCK! Thank you so much for having us at your wedding. I am glad we were both available!

Here you are, a sneak peak…


















For those that want to know…..I can see it at a glance…obviously!   The “masters” shots are …middle pic in 1, 6, 7, 10, 15 and 16 .

On another note, I found out, recently, one of my couples, Gen and Greg, has been nominated for “Wedding of the Year” at Oakfield Farm – you have my vote guys!!….although I have it on the “QT” that we are up against a “second shooter” I often use….no names this time!