Robyn and Stephen

3 October, 2007

Robyn and Stephen got married at Stonehaven last week, a little different to my previous wedding there as the two of them actually got married on the boat, whilst it was sailing. Robyn was “driven” to the main boat on a smaller boat….a good thing I do not suffer from Motion sickness!

The ceremony was held on top of the boat and was…..words are just not powerful enough…….lovely? Not very good at words but as they say …a picture speaks a thousand words!

So here you go guys, a little preview from the wedding day. I hope Argentina is a blast……How could it not be? Talk to you soon.

On a side note to my couples that have booked me and read my blog, if you are really keen on the “creative portraits” –  the type of pics that I usually post of the bride and groom together, then please remember that all these pics are created using natural light. You will need to allocate time on your wedding day for these photos – I usually ask for an hour, 15 minutes to photograph the “Stiff Formals” and 45 minutes for the creatives ……before the sunsets.

BTW if you found my blog through Dror’s blog mention, I post my weddings a week later so you will be able to see the pics you were looking for next week.















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