Eva & Matt – Cradle of Humankind

9 October, 2007

They met at “268 Staines” in London….and guests travelled from all over the world to see a South African by the name of “Sparky” exchange vows with a “Scandanavian Goddess” by the name of Eva.

The venue was perfect……the weather….. almost tooooo perfect (for a photographer) and our couple were ……well…..just perfect!

Eva and Matt were incredibly lucky to get a dramatic African Backdrop (with no rain!) to compliment their simple, yet unique day.

A day that was filled with emotion, laughs …….and guests with nicknames, that, alone would warrant a post! Shawn the Prawn, Big Dog, Rick Baby-Cakes, Buggy…I won’t go on!

Once again I was honoured to have Dror Eyal shoot with me and, between the two of us, we got some pretty cool stuff.

Eva and Matt you both ROCK! Thank you so much for having us at your wedding. I am glad we were both available!

Here you are, a sneak peak…


















For those that want to know…..I can see it at a glance…obviously!   The “masters” shots are …middle pic in 1, 6, 7, 10, 15 and 16 .

On another note, I found out, recently, one of my couples, Gen and Greg, has been nominated for “Wedding of the Year” at Oakfield Farm – you have my vote guys!!….although I have it on the “QT” that we are up against a “second shooter” I often use….no names this time!


One Response to “Eva & Matt – Cradle of Humankind”

  1. Eva Watson Says:

    Wow, stunning, awesome, I honestly never knew I could look so good in photos :o) It was an honor having you documenting our day Andrea, it was a real pleasure having you around too, you made it all so easy and non-cheesy(as you know, my biggest fear). The result speaks for itself I think and we both could not be more pleased. For any brides to be out there searching for a photographer who can document/capture their day showing both real emotion and humor, this lady is as good as it gets!!! Thank you again Andrea, you clearly possess both integrity and a real passion for what you do. Eva and Sparky Watson

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