Joanne & André – Westcliff Hotel

16 October, 2007

I was once again invited to be a “second shooter”…which I always enjoy as you get to do the FUN stuff (photographing) …minus the hard-work (the weeks of editing!).

I have never come across such a relaxed and “happy” bride…..Joanne basically smiled and laughed all day…almost too easy….she is happy (or smooching) in every picture!

I normally do not like to post too many “kiddy” pics,…but could not help myself with this wedding. Thank you to the little flowergirl that tried to pick up all the rose petals, thrown out of the baskets, by the other uneducated lot!

Here are my highlights of the day….














2 Responses to “Joanne & André – Westcliff Hotel”

  1. Dror Says:

    The one of the four little girls and the bride is one of my favorite shots I’ve seen this year. The groom’s hand makes it for me.
    The rest are fantastic photography as always.


  2. Mario Sales Says:

    These Rock Big Time, the girls by the pond No 1, then followed by the Bride adjusting her veil in front of the mirror, lovely shot. As for the rest pure beauty.

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