Feed the Ego!

19 October, 2007

Ok, Ok….Ok!!! world record for me…… this will be my fourth post in a week!  Enough NOW! Obsessive behaviour this week!

Just received a comment from the Scandinavian goddess on my blog …but on my PC you can’t view the comments on old posts (you have to actually click on the post to view it)….this is too “hidden” for me….I need to fuel my ego!!!

YIP, you guessed it, we photographers are high maintenance!

“Wow, stunning, awesome, I honestly never knew I could look so good in photos :o) It was an honor having you documenting our day Andrea, it was a real pleasure having you around too, you made it all so easy and non-cheesy(as you know, my biggest fear).

The result speaks for itself I think and we both could not be more pleased. For any brides to be out there searching for a photographer who can document/capture their day showing both real emotion and humor, this lady is as good as it gets!!!

Thank you again Andrea, you clearly possess both integrity and a real passion for what you do. Eva and Sparky”

Hell….forget the Bokke …..VIVA! …Andrea! ….VIVA!


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