Madeleine & Hennie – Lephalele (Ellasrus)

23 October, 2007

Two weeks behind with this wedding post…..sorry Hennie & Madeleine….I know you have been waiting for your post! Maybe one day I will use this blog thing properly by keeping it current!

Madeleine and Hennie who both live in the UK had planned an African wedding with many quirky twists! One detail in particular that had both me and my second photographer, Wesley, salivating;

Madeleine had arranged that the local ice-cream van, would drive through to the wedding reception and would be the “dessert” for the evening. We had it all planned the funky poses, with the ice-cream, the van, the videopgraphers light etc.etc…..and what happpened ………..the ice-cream van had an accident enroute! (We never did find out if the driver was OK?..too concerned about whether the van would make it…”can we not tow it through” is the last comment I remember making)

No ice-cream, but as you would imagine the wedding was great, and it was a pleasure spending the weekend with Madeleine & Hennie, who just generally were great and game for anything!…on that note I also have to mention that both Hennie and Madelaine, who ‘traded in’ their engagement session for a trash the dress session the next morning,  partied until 4am and then got up at 7am for the trash the dress session…that alone deserves a medal!(unfamiliar with the concept.. www.trashthe

I had hoped to post the Trash the dress pics together with their wedding …but am so far behind with editing, I will have to post these at a later stage when I get a breather…….yeah right!



Wesley’s shot of Hennie











 Another one of Wes’s shots




2 Responses to “Madeleine & Hennie – Lephalele (Ellasrus)”

  1. Anne Says:

    Very! Nice! can’t wait to see those TTD pics!

  2. michaeltree Says:

    Just love that reflection shot 🙂

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