Admired in Africa

29 October, 2007

No wedding photographs this week!

Kinda old news just haven’t posted, those that read my blog will realise that all is posted at least a week after the event, so nothing new here!

I have been featured within an on-line web-magazine, and felt really flattered as I was up there with the likes of Mario Sales, Dror Eyal and Jean-Pierre Uys, who is the Fair Lady/Sarie/True Love Magazine ‘2006 Wedding Photographer of the Year’. I did feel a little out of my league but also honoured to be featured with these photographers.

I am not sure how to describe the on-line magazine so will quote directly from their description;

“Admired in Africa is about the best photographers in Africa currently working in Africa. Not the the arty, too cool for the world or the guns blazing into war zones guys. The one’s that are making a living photographing, photographing maternities, portraits, lifestyle, fashion and yes, weddings”


If you are interested in the interview you can have a look here

Excuse me while I go and find a pedestal to stand on….providing my head will fit through the door!


One Response to “Admired in Africa”

  1. Sue Says:

    Pity link no longer work. 😦

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