Marné and Charl

6 November, 2007

Ok, Ok, Ok…so my definition of “afternoon” ran out seven hours ago, having a very indecisive day today and it took    f..oooooorever to narrow the wedding pics down….get this problem whenever I shoot with Dror.

Marné and Charl were such a chill couple…and Marné …just so hip. Not only was her wedding dress couture, but she complimented it with a “game for anything” attitude…a true bohemian chick after my own heart!

They held the whole day up at Klein Kaap, in Centurion, which is an amazing venue inside and out (no, really!)…we just opted for the scrapyard next door.

Now there’s an irony…you spend thousands, upon thousands of Rands for a stunning venue and your wedding photographer chooses a scrapyard for the portrait pics!…actually come to think about it, I can blame Dror on this one!

Thank you Marné  and Charl for being the coolest clients…Congratulations to you!!!

Without further ado the wedding pics as promised…




















BTW…another reason I love graphic designers…is that they TOTALLY understand that patience equals perfection..and never have an issue with the time it takes to edit their wedding photographs.

Dror’s pics 1,8 and 14 …..all crackers!


2 Responses to “Marné and Charl”

  1. Anne Says:

    Gorgeous pics! I love them all

  2. Courtney Nields Says:

    Hello Andrea….
    I am truly blown away by your photography! My husband Ben and I hosted Marne for a year in the U.S. and desparately wanted to be at the wedding so I can’t wait to see MORE! I really wish I had someone with your eye and talent on my own wedding day…as a former art director, I once shot at a junkyard in Baltimore, Maryland. The result was amazingly cool…and what a great backdrop you have created for the gorgeous Marne in her lovely gown…well done!!! Your photography is breathtaking!!

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