In the “Fast” lane

19 November, 2007

Monday mornings are always a mad rush in our household, actually who am I kidding EVERY morning it’s a madhouse!!!

This morning was no different to any other, running late as usual tryng to get Oliver ready for school…you have no idea how difficult it can be to dress a hyperactive 3 year old.

Anyway about to put on Oliver’s shoes, when, at the corner of his “I miss nothing” eyes he spots the shoes I selected and protests “I do not want these (shoes)…..I want my FAST shoes”.

Obviously certain shoes are faster than others…I need to get a pair of them “fast” ones for my next wedding! Actually them “fast shoes” may get me out of the house super-sonic, break-neck, high speed….the kids a mere memory… the peace and tranquillity of the road ahead….sanity….utter bliss! 

Where can I buy them!




 Posted pics of Oliver…can’t post a pic of them “fast shoes”, as they are hideous, DH (Dear Hubbie) bought them!


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