Mojabeng and Puso – Westcliff Hotel

21 November, 2007

Mojabeng and Puso wanted to take their “creative” pics before the ceremony as both did not want to leave their guests throughout the wedding.

We did not want to loose that “first time I saw you down the aisle”, so with the bridal party we set up a senario, where we could capture that first moment that Puso and Mojabeng set eyes on each other. I must be honest this was the most emotional  meetup I have experienced.  I initially wanted to post a series of 5 pics of this moment, filled with emotion, but decided to hold back as these pics are so emotive and special that I felt it was best that Puso and Majobeng saw these in private.

I shot with Wesley (watch this space..Wes will soon be kicking my ass on the wedding photography side!) we both got some stunning images , here are a couple of highlights from their day…









Majobeng’s sister kisses her dad before walking down the aisle








4 Responses to “Mojabeng and Puso – Westcliff Hotel”

  1. Anne Says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Are (expletive) kidding me…these are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a gorgeous couple and wedding

    That dress shot eccezionale! magnifico!

  2. Mario Sales Says:

    ANDREA THESE ARE TREMENDOUS, you have captured emotion and feeling between a couple in love. Congrats.
    p.s Where can I buy a pair of those fast shoes?

  3. andreac1 Says:

    Not sure where we can get them…At the moment I need 6 pairs!!!!!!!!!

    Trust Anne to spot the designer dress…It’s by Melissa Botha she is THE dress designer in SA at the moment!

  4. mary jane maake Says:

    I have never seen anything this beautifull,i must say its breathtaking.yoooooh!am truly happy for them.

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