Merry Christmas!

24 December, 2007

Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed Christmas and a New Year filled with Love and Happiness!

Tis’ the season to overindulge!




I usually end off the day by spending time with the family outside in the garden, armed with a glass of Chardonnay.

On Saturday I had run out of wine, and being too lazy to go to the shops, decided to have a beer. Oliver immediately noticed that the regular glass of wine was now replaced by a can of ale…these are the things three-year-olds detect – not the toothbrush and the dirt they leave on the floor, or the flowers they carelessly trample on, but the beer in your hand.

He then started screaming in his ‘almost on the verge of tears’ voice: “Nooooooo Mama! You Caaaaaaaaan’t drink that!”

I open the beer, smile and ask why I can’t drink the beer. Oliver replies: ” Beer is for Daddas. If you drink the beer you will become a Dadda ”

…..and POOOOF!

A post is just not a post without pics….so enter the ‘evils’ of Spaghetti….I did the same with Oliver when he was about 10 months – now it was the boyz turn!



Liam who loooves food. (above)


  ….and Jake

Kalika and Gerhard

11 December, 2007

Gerhard and Kalika were married at the Forum Homini last weekend and were fortunate to have Dror tag along… always a treat for me!

I had a great time photographing their wedding.  I sometimes quite seriously couldn’t think of a more fun way to spend the day if I tried. Sorry!  No offence to my friends, but these weddings can be hectically fun!

I also got to bear witness to a very, very rare occurance….more rare than the Tasmanian Wolf…..ermmmm…mummble ….Dror set up a pose …you didn’t hear it from me!

The day was a scorcher with some serious sun and we both set about on a mission to capture “Flare, baby, Flare!”

Kalika looked absolutely stunning on her wedding day…and Gerhard just plain smokin’ hot! It was a great change to see a groom in a suit other than black (I had to remind myself to get some shots of the bride!)

Thanks for a fantastic day, great food (all this….and I get to have a cooked meal too!) and thank you Gerhard and Kalika, for picking me as your wedding photographer!

I’m sure you’ll agree these photos are pretty cool. 
















Admired by Beckstead

8 December, 2007

David Beckstead, I’ve mentioned him before, the international wedding photographer that specialises in destination weddings and has won many awards, he held a workshop in SA in November.

Well a while back David set up a website to showcase wedding images from around the world that inspire him. There is no commercial reason, it’s just a showcase of cool wedding images that inspire him personally.

In his own words:

“This site is for juicy photographers only! All boring ‘sit in the box, untasty’ photographers need not apply”

“You can’t pay me to put one of your images here, I decide what I like”

I am incredibly flattered to announce that David Beckstead has chosen one of my images for this exclusive collection.


Thank You!

4 December, 2007

Just received this from Westley…and with wording like that I am not surprised Yolande is so in Love.

“Thank you so much of these awesome pictures of us, they are priceless in every sense of the word. The reason I am so ecstatic about the pics is because you were able to capture the essence of our relationship and the truth of our love for each other. You made a perfect day absolutely awesome by giving us a personal reflection of our feelings and I am now more than ever excited about you taking our wedding pics because I know you will do my bride justice on her special day.

A honest thank you from a sincere heart”

Westley and Yolande are two incredible people that are totally and completely in love with one another! Despite the cold and the rain we still went ahead with their engagement session. They were really the easiest couple to photograph, they just ignored me!

They will be getting married in February, watch this space!