Admired by Beckstead

8 December, 2007

David Beckstead, I’ve mentioned him before, the international wedding photographer that specialises in destination weddings and has won many awards, he held a workshop in SA in November.

Well a while back David set up a website to showcase wedding images from around the world that inspire him. There is no commercial reason, it’s just a showcase of cool wedding images that inspire him personally.

In his own words:

“This site is for juicy photographers only! All boring ‘sit in the box, untasty’ photographers need not apply”

“You can’t pay me to put one of your images here, I decide what I like”

I am incredibly flattered to announce that David Beckstead has chosen one of my images for this exclusive collection.



3 Responses to “Admired by Beckstead”

  1. Anne Says:

    You go GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OK NOT at all shocked that you made into the coveted site!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You rock!!!!! August couldn’t get here fast enough!!!!!

    YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally the world gets to appreciate African Talent………

  2. Michael Says:

    Hi Andrea, congratulations.

  3. andreac1 Says:

    I must admit I never thought I’d see a site with great wedding photographers around the world where Sergio from Amorphia, Jerry Ghionis and Anna Kuperberg were featured.. and little Ol’ Andrea Carlyle from South Africa….maybe David made an error? Keep checking the site to see if my pic is still there!

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