The Evils of Beer….and Spaghetti

19 December, 2007

I usually end off the day by spending time with the family outside in the garden, armed with a glass of Chardonnay.

On Saturday I had run out of wine, and being too lazy to go to the shops, decided to have a beer. Oliver immediately noticed that the regular glass of wine was now replaced by a can of ale…these are the things three-year-olds detect – not the toothbrush and the dirt they leave on the floor, or the flowers they carelessly trample on, but the beer in your hand.

He then started screaming in his ‘almost on the verge of tears’ voice: “Nooooooo Mama! You Caaaaaaaaan’t drink that!”

I open the beer, smile and ask why I can’t drink the beer. Oliver replies: ” Beer is for Daddas. If you drink the beer you will become a Dadda ”

…..and POOOOF!

A post is just not a post without pics….so enter the ‘evils’ of Spaghetti….I did the same with Oliver when he was about 10 months – now it was the boyz turn!



Liam who loooves food. (above)


  ….and Jake


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