We have had continous rain, on and off, for the past three weeks; not the sporadic and dramatic afternoon showers that we are used to, but that grey consistant-drizzle that just lasts the whole day…just depressing.

So, it was a sigh of relief to see that the clouds had dispersed for Andrew and Tracy’s wedding. Tracy, who is 7 months pregnant, wanted a small intimate breakfast wedding….which to me was just perfect…. small, intimate and beautiful…. my type of wedding!

What I personally love about small weddings is that all the guests there are the very, very most important and closest friends and family members and it just makes the occasion extra special. No more babbling, here are my favourite pics of the day: wedding-photographer-01.jpg  wedding-photographer-021.jpg wedding-photographer-03.jpg








Martha Stewart glasses

21 January, 2008

When blogging last week, there were a number of images that I wanted to include when posting, but then, when selecting I thought … which ones are the true reflection of the holiday break, the ones I wrote about? Pictures with the same noise and energy levels? …..and when honest with myself my ‘favs’ were really not the reality pics!!

Liam’s first 5 step shuffle was a moment that had to be snapped …no time to play with settings or notice annoying backgrounds, just a ‘reality’ snap.

So, I promised myself last week that if I posted a bit of reality….that I could then post my favourites, for ME!

And so here they are, the rose tinted “Martha Stewart” version, where it all looks sooooo beautiful, so quiet, peaceful and loving!

Inbetween all the mayhem (and drinking), I did have a smidgen of time to “play”.  Those that prefer the Martha Stewart version (and don’t drink)….ignore the “reality Slap” caption at the bottom of each pic!!


I will be kind to Liam’s foot ….no REALITY SLAP…no ‘scratch n’ sniff’ option


REALITY SLAP: This bit of “quiet, serene pink” …is cousin Angelique, who is sweet, can sit on her own for over half an hour and just generally has urges to kiss, hug and do “aaahhh” stuff….AND SHE IS NOT MINE!


REALITY SLAP: This, as DH (Dear Hubbie) calls “her” is the daughter we always wanted. Yes, Jake is ours….”Jakie” my sweatheart if you do ever read my blog, one day, I never implied you were gay…it was your dad.



REALITY SLAP: Liam is independent, and permanently on a mission. He does not need me, has no separation anxeity, he needs FOOD!…and ‘AMMO’!

Like ‘Terminator’ he gets given a mission, and he just goes on the journey to acheive it. Over the hurdles through the battlefield, he just goes until “the world has been saved”.  He also thinks he is Oliver’s twin, so is more interested in mimicking Oliver, than bonding with his gay twin brother. (Jake..your dad typed in ‘gay’…not me!)


REALITY SLAP: This is Sam’s daughter, Ashley. Sam is my childminder, helps me edit pics and basically allows me to have some “sanity” in a day. Ashley and Oliver are my second set of twins (one month apart) they love each other to bits and want to rip each other apart every 9 minutes! There was a fight over the sprinkler 3 minutes after this picture was taken.


REALITY SLAP: Jake you look so damn cute in this pic, that I will refrain from making any gay comments…and yes, sweetie, I do agree, Barney needs to relook his colour scheme…purple just does not work for him.


REALITY SLAP: Two seconds later….Liam climbed onto Oliver…great photo opportunity I thought, poised and ready on the trigger. Liam accidentlly headbutts Oliver…Liam cries, Oliver cries…Jake cries! (I am not sure why Jake cries?…maybe the sensitive side?). BTW – Liam’s headbutts can make a grown man cry…we do not call him “Terminator” for nothing!


REALITY SLAP: Oliver decides to join Jake….climbs into the tub…tub rather small….Oliver, clumsy as hell…., Jake gets an elbow, Jake cries…Mom yells…Oliver cries!


REALITY SLAP: Oliver looking down at the poor ant he was so chuffed at stomping on.


REALITY SLAP: Liam inbetween missions…sensitive “moment” per-chance?   … NNAAAH!!…just checking to see the quickest escape route…down the stairs OR over the ‘stoep’ wall!….Oh! and have I packed the ‘AMMO’?


REALITY SLAP: Oliver relishes at the fact that Liam finds him funny, does it again…and of course again..knocks Liam over…same routine..Liam cries…mom yells not to be so rough..Oliver cries…don’t remember Jake crying? there may be hope yet!…of you being straight Jake?

BTW…to the brides that are bashing their foreheads on their keyboards….”If I have to see one more snotty nosed ‘Carlyle sprog’ I will spew!!” …I promise to post a wedding related blog next week – albeit regurgitated!

I survived!

15 January, 2008

We baked, we swam, we cried and somewhere in between I am sure we laughed?, we fought, they fought, I yelled, I nagged………..I drank……….I survived!!

School holidays are over…….sigh of relief….back to some sort of sanity!. I promise I will never moan about the cost of school fees ever again.

Not quite as relaxing and refreshing as I’d hoped, but I was grateful to have some time with the boys and some extra time to edit.

In 2008, I shall strive towards “quality of life” and make every effort to stick to that one-wedding-a-month goal, I somehow never managed to acheive in 2007.

That “quality of life” I mention is summed up in my first sentence of this entry, so I may find myself straying every now and then.

Some pics from the “quality time” break …without the screams.


Oliver after his afternoon nap… I know as a) he only wears his nappy for the nap b) he is sitting down, still groggy…not running wild



Oliver towing Jake along with the new “digger” truck Santabloke brought


Jake with a cheap pair of shades…. that if I knew would cause so many fights, I would have bought three!


The “wild” one


Liam who is sooooo chuffed with himself, now that he is walking. He just goes!!!  Jake not yet.


Attacking dad

A groom in a wheelchair and a second shooter with a neckbrace…I kid you not!!

Apologies to all the romantics out there expecting a better “more flowery” description, and  sorry John/sorry Ursula….. but that, I am afraid, is the best I can come up with… I blame “Photojourn”.

You must also understand John flew in, with Ursula, all the way from Oz to break his femur (at his batchelor’s), to get hitched in South Africa. 

Sympathy, for me, is a word in a dictionary that falls under “s” so the broken leg and neckbrace were simply “new challenges” I had to work with.  John had one good leg and Dror’s fingers (barring the neckbrace) were still intact!

In ten years time, when John and Ursula look back at the pics, I am sure they will laugh – John may even cry.

And, I do take my hat off to John, who probably endured a bit of pain in order to give Ursula a few wheelchair-free pics.  Yes, I admit, the photographer was an ‘unsympathetic wench’.  I know the “sympathy levels ” required by my boys  (Dear Hubbie definitely included here!) at a mere sniffle or sneeze, so I do realise I may have fallen short on this side!!

A quick note on the images before I post.  I have just finished designing an album where not only have I been fixated with colour, but also with “threes”. Featuring a series of images on a page, that have either been shot consecutively or, that comprise the same mood threading them together. Over the festive season, I finally got a chance to meet a friend and got to see her wedding album (ceremony in the UK).

I must say, without doing the “plumber routine”, I am really amazed how many photographers do not put any effort into “threading” the wedding story together – just haphazardly whacking a few images together on a page.

So I’m posting a three-image set that, to me, are “tied together” by the red brickwork…I would have these images on a double-page spread.




2007….what a year!!  The first official year of my photography business, too many weddings to count, too many wonderful couples that I have met and too many special moments I have experienced (and captured!)……and 8 kgs lighter!! (whoopee!!)…and all in 0.3 seconds!!!

New Years Resolutions are not for me, as I do not like to set myself up for disappointment, so will not be cutting back on chocolate or wine for that matter!!  I will, however, be cutting back on the number of pics being posted on my blog.

In 2007, my aim with the blog was to show that I do capture everything at a wedding, from the getting-ready, decor, candids, details etc. and have aimed to show each wedding in its entirety.

This has proven to be very time-consuming; eating up on valuable editing time. In 2008, I will just post my personal favourites from a wedding.

Those clients interested in booking me, wanting to see a “fuller” wedding, can look at older posts and those interested in seeing what kind of pics you actually get….I will be more than happy to give you a CD of an actual wedding from A to Z  – i.e. as each couple receives it, with all the edited pics on the disc.

Now onto my first Jewish wedding ….Jordy and Wendy. Well actually, Wendy kindly invited me to attend a Jewish wedding before their wedding, so technically not my first, but photography-wise my first.

Jordy is a photographer.  I am always nervous when a client says the “P” word.  I have images of the plumber slating the previous plumber’s work: “I wouldn’t have done it like that …gawd help us!!!”  “This guy didn’t know his monkey wrench from a spanner”.

So a little nervous (but this happens with every wedding), ready for the rain and my first Jewish wedding.  Thank you Jordy and Wendy for trusting me to capture your day!…. we’ll see if I know the difference between a monkey wrench and a spanner!






On another note…should have posted this earlier,  just to let you know we are “officially closed” until 14th January 2008. I will be checking my emails periodically and keep up the weekly blog….and behind the scene will be editing like MAD still trying to recover from “the crash”.