Welcome 2008 & my first Jewish wedding!

2 January, 2008

2007….what a year!!  The first official year of my photography business, too many weddings to count, too many wonderful couples that I have met and too many special moments I have experienced (and captured!)……and 8 kgs lighter!! (whoopee!!)…and all in 0.3 seconds!!!

New Years Resolutions are not for me, as I do not like to set myself up for disappointment, so will not be cutting back on chocolate or wine for that matter!!  I will, however, be cutting back on the number of pics being posted on my blog.

In 2007, my aim with the blog was to show that I do capture everything at a wedding, from the getting-ready, decor, candids, details etc. and have aimed to show each wedding in its entirety.

This has proven to be very time-consuming; eating up on valuable editing time. In 2008, I will just post my personal favourites from a wedding.

Those clients interested in booking me, wanting to see a “fuller” wedding, can look at older posts and those interested in seeing what kind of pics you actually get….I will be more than happy to give you a CD of an actual wedding from A to Z  – i.e. as each couple receives it, with all the edited pics on the disc.

Now onto my first Jewish wedding ….Jordy and Wendy. Well actually, Wendy kindly invited me to attend a Jewish wedding before their wedding, so technically not my first, but photography-wise my first.

Jordy is a photographer.  I am always nervous when a client says the “P” word.  I have images of the plumber slating the previous plumber’s work: “I wouldn’t have done it like that …gawd help us!!!”  “This guy didn’t know his monkey wrench from a spanner”.

So a little nervous (but this happens with every wedding), ready for the rain and my first Jewish wedding.  Thank you Jordy and Wendy for trusting me to capture your day!…. we’ll see if I know the difference between a monkey wrench and a spanner!






On another note…should have posted this earlier,  just to let you know we are “officially closed” until 14th January 2008. I will be checking my emails periodically and keep up the weekly blog….and behind the scene will be editing like MAD still trying to recover from “the crash”.


6 Responses to “Welcome 2008 & my first Jewish wedding!”

  1. Michael Says:

    Congratulations, just love that first image.

  2. Chanell Says:

    Awesome! Beautifull! Well done!

  3. Jules Morgan Says:

    Beautiful – I love the one with the little boy especially

  4. Steve Says:

    amazing amzing work….

    can’t wait to see the rest

  5. Swati Says:

    really nice…..smashing!

  6. Great content thanks for the post please post more things relating to this!

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