Ursula & John – Johannesburg Country Club

8 January, 2008

A groom in a wheelchair and a second shooter with a neckbrace…I kid you not!!

Apologies to all the romantics out there expecting a better “more flowery” description, and  sorry John/sorry Ursula….. but that, I am afraid, is the best I can come up with… I blame “Photojourn”.

You must also understand John flew in, with Ursula, all the way from Oz to break his femur (at his batchelor’s), to get hitched in South Africa. 

Sympathy, for me, is a word in a dictionary that falls under “s” so the broken leg and neckbrace were simply “new challenges” I had to work with.  John had one good leg and Dror’s fingers (barring the neckbrace) were still intact!

In ten years time, when John and Ursula look back at the pics, I am sure they will laugh – John may even cry.

And, I do take my hat off to John, who probably endured a bit of pain in order to give Ursula a few wheelchair-free pics.  Yes, I admit, the photographer was an ‘unsympathetic wench’.  I know the “sympathy levels ” required by my boys  (Dear Hubbie definitely included here!) at a mere sniffle or sneeze, so I do realise I may have fallen short on this side!!

A quick note on the images before I post.  I have just finished designing an album where not only have I been fixated with colour, but also with “threes”. Featuring a series of images on a page, that have either been shot consecutively or, that comprise the same mood threading them together. Over the festive season, I finally got a chance to meet a friend and got to see her wedding album (ceremony in the UK).

I must say, without doing the “plumber routine”, I am really amazed how many photographers do not put any effort into “threading” the wedding story together – just haphazardly whacking a few images together on a page.

So I’m posting a three-image set that, to me, are “tied together” by the red brickwork…I would have these images on a double-page spread.





4 Responses to “Ursula & John – Johannesburg Country Club”

  1. Audrey D. Says:

    Hi Andrea. First time blogger in your site. I just wanted to say that your images are AWESOME. The colors are so rich and just beautiful. I like your style. I’m also wondering if you have any advice for aspiring wedding photographers like myself. I would just like to absorb as much as I could from other great photographers. Thanks and have a wonderful 2008.

  2. andreac1 Says:

    Hi Audrey Welcome…and thank you!
    Have emailed you regarding your quest for advise

  3. Ursula Says:


    Thank you so much for your professional and friendly attitude on the day of the wedding! I can still hear your laugh, it made my day a lot less stressful! I have just seen these photos and they are so… beautiful, harmonious and even more than I expected! Thank you.


  4. andreac1 Says:

    Thank you for having us..really had a good time..hence all the laughing!!…very late with this comment!!

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