I survived!

15 January, 2008

We baked, we swam, we cried and somewhere in between I am sure we laughed?, we fought, they fought, I yelled, I nagged………..I drank……….I survived!!

School holidays are over…….sigh of relief….back to some sort of sanity!. I promise I will never moan about the cost of school fees ever again.

Not quite as relaxing and refreshing as I’d hoped, but I was grateful to have some time with the boys and some extra time to edit.

In 2008, I shall strive towards “quality of life” and make every effort to stick to that one-wedding-a-month goal, I somehow never managed to acheive in 2007.

That “quality of life” I mention is summed up in my first sentence of this entry, so I may find myself straying every now and then.

Some pics from the “quality time” break …without the screams.


Oliver after his afternoon nap… I know as a) he only wears his nappy for the nap b) he is sitting down, still groggy…not running wild



Oliver towing Jake along with the new “digger” truck Santabloke brought


Jake with a cheap pair of shades…. that if I knew would cause so many fights, I would have bought three!


The “wild” one


Liam who is sooooo chuffed with himself, now that he is walking. He just goes!!!  Jake not yet.


Attacking dad


2 Responses to “I survived!”

  1. Reilly Kerrington Says:

    Beautiful kids you have!! Are they triplets?

  2. andreac1 Says:


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