I know there is nothing more boring for brides than reading through stories of “my kids are so wonderful”, so onto something much more exciting; the wedding of Yolandie and Westley.

Another mighty fine-looking couple (I promise they are not models I hired!), another great venue, and another great celebration!

Tanja and I got up at some outrageous hour of the morning to board our flight to Durban…a breeze for me (I have 15-month-olds), though, not so easy for Tanja…the pre-toddler phase being but a faded memory.

So, off to Durban – and not a beach in sight!

We were welcomed by both families with open arms and were almost in a time zone – you know, the days where everything takes longer and things were made to last. The days of cupcakes, Frank Sinatra, a vintage MG and romantic music.

Who said romantic weddings have to be boring?

Landie and Wes are the picture-perfect, storybook couple, probably the nicest, kindest people you could ever meet…and both damn good looking…Life just isn’t fair!

Their day was truly special and I am glad we both had the opportunity to experience it!

OK..STOP! …enough of this “gushy” “mushy” loooove stuff!…onto the photographs:









Aaargh not another midget!

27 February, 2008

To all the brides stalking my blog for a wedding, dissapointed with the image of the dwarf,  there will be a wedding posted this week, maybe later today or latest tommorrow….I promise!

And here the guest appearance of Midget One (aka Liam)….on a mission…on the road to nowhere!


Apologies. A bit late with this post, but had some IT glitch interfere with my good intentions of posting this wedding last week…confession; that’s why you had to endure yet another “midget” update last week.

Onto Laura and Stephen’s wedding, I was really, really, R..E..A..L..L..Y looking forward to this one!!

Why I hear you ask?

Was it the venue?……NOPE!

Was it that you knew Laura’s dress was going to be spectacular?….OOOH NOO!

Was it the fact that Stephen’s dad is some famous international cricketer?…..NADA!

That Stephen, himself, is some well-known cricketer for the Lions……NAY!

Maybe, that Laura is Matt’s sister (Matt and Eva) and the speeches are bound to be funny (English wit)?….WRONG AGAIN!

The real reason…..a lot more logical than cricket.  I was looking forward to spending 11 hours watching … sigh …Stephen!   Sorry Laura, although you are gorgeous, and looked absolutely stunning,  you are just not my type! 

Thank you for letting us share this special day and trusting us to capture your memories. You are both as beautiful inside, as out, with BIG hearts!






Happy Birthday Dadda!

17 February, 2008

Today is my Dear Hubby’s 46th Birthday…not only his, but also his twin sister’s – Kathleen (who lives in the UK).

So, Happy Birthday Dadda!…and Aunty Kathleen!

I asked what the worst part of being a twin was. . .being asked whether he and Kathy were identical twins….Duuuuh!


Oliver explaining to me that he bought his dadda TWO Beers (read his lips). Sorry Kathy none for you!

I (actually we) am/are real cynics with all the Valentines Day hype and we choose not to support Hallmark, any unscrupulous flower merchants and street vendors selling Valentine tack!

But, at 6 bucks apiece and a sweet being the best form of bribery (this is what I resort to when I want to photograph Oliver: bribery – BAD mother!)…. I reakon it was a bargain!!

Happy Valentines day!



Granny and Grass

11 February, 2008

I am sure that the title got your attention….no, my mom does not smoke pot!

Sunday is family day. We used to pop round the folks on Sunday, but with the three midgets, each one requiring a fully loaded trailer of goods for a mere 4-hour outing, we have now chosen, for our sanity, to stay home on weekends…anyone wanting to see us, or the midgets, know where to find us and know where the fridge is …and  “Oh while you are up won’t you pour me a glass of wine” routine.

I am paying up my “mommy debts” today.

My mom now comes to visit us every Sunday, and Oliver just Loooves his granny.

Mom brings along new clothing for the boys, sweets and cakes, a fully cooked meal for all (the only home-cooked meal of the week) and a bottle of wine!

So this post is dedicated to granny (mom)….THANK YOU for the small and simple things you do that mean the world to us!

Pics from this weekend.




Those that read the blog will be able to spot terminator and ‘the gay one’ at a glance…no title necessary. Oli in the middle.

Stephen and Laura’s wedding pics in a couple of days time.

Lauren & Alex

5 February, 2008

I acted as a second shooter for a friend last weekend. It was only for a couple of hours, so I did not get a chance to really meet Alex and Lauren . . . and I spend a good part of the day being a school teacher ordering people about!

I will say if, there was a category in the Guiness Book of Records, for the most number of ‘formals’ shot in 27 minutes our names would be there, in flashing lights!  I just wish I had so much authority with my kids!

I do not really feel qualified enough to comment on their day, just a post of my favourite images.