Granny and Grass

11 February, 2008

I am sure that the title got your attention….no, my mom does not smoke pot!

Sunday is family day. We used to pop round the folks on Sunday, but with the three midgets, each one requiring a fully loaded trailer of goods for a mere 4-hour outing, we have now chosen, for our sanity, to stay home on weekends…anyone wanting to see us, or the midgets, know where to find us and know where the fridge is …and  “Oh while you are up won’t you pour me a glass of wine” routine.

I am paying up my “mommy debts” today.

My mom now comes to visit us every Sunday, and Oliver just Loooves his granny.

Mom brings along new clothing for the boys, sweets and cakes, a fully cooked meal for all (the only home-cooked meal of the week) and a bottle of wine!

So this post is dedicated to granny (mom)….THANK YOU for the small and simple things you do that mean the world to us!

Pics from this weekend.




Those that read the blog will be able to spot terminator and ‘the gay one’ at a glance…no title necessary. Oli in the middle.

Stephen and Laura’s wedding pics in a couple of days time.


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