Yolandie & Westley – Chantecler, Hillcrest

28 February, 2008

I know there is nothing more boring for brides than reading through stories of “my kids are so wonderful”, so onto something much more exciting; the wedding of Yolandie and Westley.

Another mighty fine-looking couple (I promise they are not models I hired!), another great venue, and another great celebration!

Tanja and I got up at some outrageous hour of the morning to board our flight to Durban…a breeze for me (I have 15-month-olds), though, not so easy for Tanja…the pre-toddler phase being but a faded memory.

So, off to Durban – and not a beach in sight!

We were welcomed by both families with open arms and were almost in a time zone – you know, the days where everything takes longer and things were made to last. The days of cupcakes, Frank Sinatra, a vintage MG and romantic music.

Who said romantic weddings have to be boring?

Landie and Wes are the picture-perfect, storybook couple, probably the nicest, kindest people you could ever meet…and both damn good looking…Life just isn’t fair!

Their day was truly special and I am glad we both had the opportunity to experience it!

OK..STOP! …enough of this “gushy” “mushy” loooove stuff!…onto the photographs:









8 Responses to “Yolandie & Westley – Chantecler, Hillcrest”

  1. Anne Says:

    OK how about I start paying you just to look at the pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stunning!!!!!! Mzuri sana!!!!!!!!!!!! (swahili)

    Your assistants and DH have to be the luckiest people….I could look at these all day as a matter of fact I already looked at them 3 times already in the last 30 minutes!

    I keep thinking with each wedding you shoot this must be the wedding of the year….and sure enough you surprise on the next shoot! Have to say for a photographer that is an amazing “problem” to have…….

    I can’t get enough! WOW!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!

  2. andreac1 Says:

    Yip it is a HUGE problem!….get nervous with each wedding as I want to get keep on getting better images…and it doesn’t help when the couples keep on looking like rockstars!

  3. andreac1 Says:

    Oh and btw DH is totally disinterested in weddings and photography, sad but true…that is why the selection process takes so long, I have no immediate ‘bounceboard’…and I am so terrible at narrowing down…would post 20 pics from each wedding if left to me own devices! I have a BPC (A Blog Post Consultant) which is not DH!!

  4. Anne Says:

    No need to get nervous at all with these kind of images…..DH does not know what he is missing….the pics always uplift me

    Have looked at them now I can’t even count how many times…They are just AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! But pic #2 I mean seriously that pic is very very artistic and very unique!!!!!!!! I can’t even put it into words so will just leave it at FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!!!!!!!!

  5. Audrey D. Says:

    #2 is also my favorite. But all of the photos are fantastic. Great job once again Andrea.

  6. Kate Says:

    You know if you did post 20 pics (or more) from each wedding we would all be thrilled, right?

  7. Jules Morgan Says:

    No 2 is one of the most awesome images I’ve seen in a while… VERY much a cracker!

  8. andreac1 Says:

    Thanks Jules..
    I know Kate but then the numbers go up…I then end up editing 60 pics…because I can’t choose!!
    ..and DH gets very annoyed with my constant plea’s for which one he prefers…”You’re a photographer? why are you asking me …you should know which one is a better shot”….Yes I know but which one do you prefer!

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