If I was to do the Grimm’s brothers fairytale version of last weekend’s couple, it would read as follows……

Once upon a time (they all start with that), there was a “foxy” and fiesty gal called Red (as in Little Red Riding Hood). On the other side of the Enchanted Urban Forest there was the charming prince…Prince Stove.

Prince Stove had many admirers who dreamt of nothing else but getting hitched to this hunky prince, but the prince was not interested (well he was, but nothing serious).

Little Red managed to outwit, outsmart and outshine all the other Cinderellas and she ended up marrying the handsome prince charming. 

And…Yip, you guessed it…… They all lived happily ever after! 

The sassy and sultry photographer at Red’s wedding snapped up a storm and posted these from the Enchanted Forest, just because she got alot of slack about the “nice garden” comment;





BTW: I was sooooo tempted in posting Sue’s decor pic’s, as the venue decor was so simple, yet sooooo spectacular.  I had to hold back. A couple of brides have commented on how they miss seeing the decor/detail aspect. So have no fear, your wish is my command, I  will save the details and then every now and then will replace a midget post with a bouquet post or decor post


Boys are made of…

25 March, 2008

Enter Sahara, Angelique’s new Labrador…


…and enter Liam


You lick me…


I lick you..


Bucket Brigade

25 March, 2008

Egg hunting done…next on the agenda…


Easter Bunny

25 March, 2008

You knew he was coming…..he came and here you are, you now have to endure the Easter Bunny pics…I did not get up at 04:30 am to powder bunny prints and stash eggs for nothing!





cousin Angelique


Hope you had a happy easter with lots of chocolate delights!

Geraldine and Clinton are South Africans living in the UK, who decided to tie the knot in SA.  If you are wondering why so many couples in the UK get married in SA, first and foremost, it’s a third of the price in “Ronts” and secondly, to those currently in Gauteng, the foul weather over the last few days – imagine that miserable, continuous, grey and depressing rain for weeks/months on end… and now trying to arrange a wedding, hoping for a lovely day…’nuff said!

Geraldine has made Dear Hubbie’s (DH) VIP list – DH is in awe. . why?  Well, she works for SAB London (it doesn’t take much for DH to put you on this list, anyone that has a connection with ALE makes that list).

The reason I am bringing up Geraldine’s workplace is that she mentioned there are 24 brides-to-be in her office. Geraldine mentioned this in passing, but I took this “stat” on as a challenge…out of those 24 gals getting married in the UK, Geraldine was going to have the best images, as I am typing this post, I know I shouldn’t be so evil (or honest)… it’s late, and I blame the chardonnay (well that’s my excuse). So back to my evilness…to those 24 brides-to-be, eat your hearts out gals, try “pip” these images!

Geraldine and Clinton were absolutely fabulous, a real laugh and a pleasure to photograph…the photographer…pure, pure evil (enter evil laugh)







BTW: To keep the playing fields even we kept the grey skies.

Red Balloon

17 March, 2008

The journey of the Red Balloon.








Geraldine and Clinton’s wedding pics tommorrow

There are few statements that make me shudder…

One that comes to mind is “I am a photographer” and the second… “The venue has a . . . ‘nice’ garden”.

Let me start off by saying I haven’t a problem with “nice” gardens…DH (Dear Hubbie) is an avid gardener, so I do know the difference between a Geranium and a Gerbera…and really do appreciate our “nice” garden. And, there really is nothing more rewarding than pottering around in your own garden.

BUT, when it comes to wedding photography and if someone describes the venue as one that has a “nice” garden…I tremble.

“Nice” gardens are wonderful to get married in, to sit in sipping your chardonnay, listening to the kids laughing, and running through the sprinkler, but, ‘nice’ gardens makes it very difficult to acheive awesome creative portraits. That is why I generally look for an alternative location for the creative portraits.

Chris and Elzerie got married at Kleinkaap, which is a stunning venue with “lovely gardens”. We had already used the scrapyard for Marné’s wedding, so I did not really want to use the same area.

Chris is a budding phototographer, so I had a double whammy…”a photographer” and “nice” gardens…but Chris and Elzerie were really open to every suggestion, so I think they got some pretty cool pics…in a lovely garden that we kinda coverted to the Amazon come Garden of Eden, combined with some at the “canal”. (Luckily for me Kleinkaap were in the process of building on an extention!)

Chris and Elzerie were a joy to work with, Thank You!  for allowing Belinda and I to share this magical day with you. You both had so much fun on your wedding day and we both enjoyed photographing the two of you!