Thank You!

5 March, 2008

Been feelling a little overwhelmed with all the editing left to do, and often when I get asked “how much longer till we get our images” I sometimes  ask myself if it is worth being so anal about the editing, the selection, the treatment of the images, when the edits and other bits are not that obvious to the “amateur” eye  …and then something like this comes in and makes me think,  YIP! worth every single hour of editing!

Came in a while back, from Madeleine, but needed the boost now:

I received my photo’s and somehow it is difficult (even for me) to find the words.  I cried when I when I looked through them… I don’t want to say that you captured the day so perfectly cause you did more than that.

Some of the photo’s bring back the exact feeling I had at that moment and on some I can even remember what Hennie whispered to me. 
I am really finding it hard to say thank you as it seem such small words for the big thing you did.  I am so happy with the photo’s and both me and Hennie agrees that it was the best thing about the wedding ( well except for getting married of course). Thank you for creating something that will always bring back those unique feelings we had on our wedding day… it is priceless.


One of my favourite processed images  from the day after shoot…Wesley got the shot!


One Response to “Thank You!”

  1. Anne Says:

    WOW I can’t wait to feel the same way! BTW great shot! that TTD venue looks amazing!

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