Chris and Elzerie – Kleinkaap

11 March, 2008

There are few statements that make me shudder…

One that comes to mind is “I am a photographer” and the second… “The venue has a . . . ‘nice’ garden”.

Let me start off by saying I haven’t a problem with “nice” gardens…DH (Dear Hubbie) is an avid gardener, so I do know the difference between a Geranium and a Gerbera…and really do appreciate our “nice” garden. And, there really is nothing more rewarding than pottering around in your own garden.

BUT, when it comes to wedding photography and if someone describes the venue as one that has a “nice” garden…I tremble.

“Nice” gardens are wonderful to get married in, to sit in sipping your chardonnay, listening to the kids laughing, and running through the sprinkler, but, ‘nice’ gardens makes it very difficult to acheive awesome creative portraits. That is why I generally look for an alternative location for the creative portraits.

Chris and Elzerie got married at Kleinkaap, which is a stunning venue with “lovely gardens”. We had already used the scrapyard for Marné’s wedding, so I did not really want to use the same area.

Chris is a budding phototographer, so I had a double whammy…”a photographer” and “nice” gardens…but Chris and Elzerie were really open to every suggestion, so I think they got some pretty cool pics…in a lovely garden that we kinda coverted to the Amazon come Garden of Eden, combined with some at the “canal”. (Luckily for me Kleinkaap were in the process of building on an extention!)

Chris and Elzerie were a joy to work with, Thank You!  for allowing Belinda and I to share this magical day with you. You both had so much fun on your wedding day and we both enjoyed photographing the two of you!








4 Responses to “Chris and Elzerie – Kleinkaap”

  1. jenty Says:

    Beautiful! I love the last photo.

  2. Anne Says:

    These are freaking awesome! ….Those garden pics are amazing! I love the last photo too….#3 is also amazing! Genius!

    Magical and Lovely… looking at these photos makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over…..especially today ….thanks for making me feel awesome!

  3. Jules Morgan Says:

    your writing is hysterical – completely identify with the ‘nice garden’ statement!
    beautiful pics once again too!

  4. Kate Says:

    Well, if that’s the kind of pictures you take in a ‘nice’ garden, I’m not even sure how you could top them in a fantastic, unique, gorgeous and generally wonderful garden! These are stunning. I love the last one with the reflection!

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