Geraldine & Clinton – Toadbury Hall

18 March, 2008

Geraldine and Clinton are South Africans living in the UK, who decided to tie the knot in SA.  If you are wondering why so many couples in the UK get married in SA, first and foremost, it’s a third of the price in “Ronts” and secondly, to those currently in Gauteng, the foul weather over the last few days – imagine that miserable, continuous, grey and depressing rain for weeks/months on end… and now trying to arrange a wedding, hoping for a lovely day…’nuff said!

Geraldine has made Dear Hubbie’s (DH) VIP list – DH is in awe. . why?  Well, she works for SAB London (it doesn’t take much for DH to put you on this list, anyone that has a connection with ALE makes that list).

The reason I am bringing up Geraldine’s workplace is that she mentioned there are 24 brides-to-be in her office. Geraldine mentioned this in passing, but I took this “stat” on as a challenge…out of those 24 gals getting married in the UK, Geraldine was going to have the best images, as I am typing this post, I know I shouldn’t be so evil (or honest)… it’s late, and I blame the chardonnay (well that’s my excuse). So back to my evilness…to those 24 brides-to-be, eat your hearts out gals, try “pip” these images!

Geraldine and Clinton were absolutely fabulous, a real laugh and a pleasure to photograph…the photographer…pure, pure evil (enter evil laugh)







BTW: To keep the playing fields even we kept the grey skies.


5 Responses to “Geraldine & Clinton – Toadbury Hall”

  1. jenty Says:

    Wow, that’s just beautiful Andrea. You’re right, her colleagues are going to be green with envy!

  2. Anne Says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a lucky bride those images are amazing…I love the dramatic skies…Yes she is going to have the best pics!

  3. Kate Says:

    Damn straight she is. And I’m pretty sure no UK photographer is going to get as much out of their grey skies as you did out of ours! Those other 23 girls can eat their hearts out.

  4. Audrey D. Says:

    So lucky…I never get those skies here in Chicago. I must go to SA one day. Your outdoor photos are so cool Andrea.

  5. adrian mare Says:

    Stunning Good Quality pic’s, even with the rainy weather, this were a lovely wedding, and stunning couple good luck for the the future both the bridal couple and for the photographers.

    Adrian Mare
    Wedding Co-ordinator
    Toadbury Hall

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