Sue & Chris – Glensheil, Westcliff

27 March, 2008

If I was to do the Grimm’s brothers fairytale version of last weekend’s couple, it would read as follows……

Once upon a time (they all start with that), there was a “foxy” and fiesty gal called Red (as in Little Red Riding Hood). On the other side of the Enchanted Urban Forest there was the charming prince…Prince Stove.

Prince Stove had many admirers who dreamt of nothing else but getting hitched to this hunky prince, but the prince was not interested (well he was, but nothing serious).

Little Red managed to outwit, outsmart and outshine all the other Cinderellas and she ended up marrying the handsome prince charming. 

And…Yip, you guessed it…… They all lived happily ever after! 

The sassy and sultry photographer at Red’s wedding snapped up a storm and posted these from the Enchanted Forest, just because she got alot of slack about the “nice garden” comment;





BTW: I was sooooo tempted in posting Sue’s decor pic’s, as the venue decor was so simple, yet sooooo spectacular.  I had to hold back. A couple of brides have commented on how they miss seeing the decor/detail aspect. So have no fear, your wish is my command, I  will save the details and then every now and then will replace a midget post with a bouquet post or decor post


5 Responses to “Sue & Chris – Glensheil, Westcliff”

  1. Kate Says:

    Yes please to the posting more pics of the decor/flowers/paraphernalia. I love that stuff! But then I love all your stuff, so you should just post everything! Have I said this before?…I’m feeling deja-vu here… Great photos once again!

  2. Anne Says:

    I agree with Kate! we love detail pics

    This enchanted forest pics are gawjus!!!!!!!!!

    December!! December!! December!! Oh wait a minute Im still not ripped!

  3. Mandy Says:

    yello… they just keep getting better and better. love theses pics! seeing as im getting so stalker like id like to add i see you and Tanja Vogt work regularly together. Do you always use a second shooter and visa versa. finally got the fiancé to have a look at your porti and a couple of other photographers. so the ball is rolling. He loved your work by the way.
    Now its just a matter of saving and budget issues.

  4. andreac1 Says:

    Hi Mandy,
    Nothing wrong with stalking…I am a closet stalker myself.
    “Closet stalker” are worse than a regular stalkers as we never leave comments… we are often refered to as Lurkers.
    I ALWAYS use a second shooter, equipment and photographers sometimes have glitches, and I have guilt issues.I hammer myself over the one image that got away at a wedding…I could never let it go if I lost that entire day!
    Tanja and I are friends, we help each other out every now and then, she has her own business, you can find her under if you want to have a look at her work. I usually use a student photographer as a second shooter as hiring an “experienced” wedding photographer would probably put my prices into another league. Also between us (wedding photographers) we sometimes offer to shoot for each other to get the experience and see how others handle certain situations…and sometimes just for the FUN of it!

  5. Ellen Says:

    Dear Andrea,
    Have you got more detail on Chris and Sue’s Wedding venue (Glensheil, Westcliff), I’m not familiar with Johannesburg and can’t seem to find anything on Glensheil. Many thanks, Ellen

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