Midgethood’ comes with all sorts of lessons and many humblings – one of those is NEVER make “famous last statements”.  The sort of things I wouldn’t just mention in conversation and then ask you to please pass the mustard. These are statements I would announce LOUD, so that all and sundry would be sure to hear my stance and opinion on the matter, and then to my horror…’all and sundry’ would never forget.

Statements like:
“I will NEVER use Barney as a babysitter”
“Oh gawd! Dinner at the Spur (enhance by a facial expression of disgust) …No Thank You!”
“Aventura as a holiday resort…you’ve gotta be kidding!! All them screaming brats?  You wouldn’t see me dead in a place like that! Give me an isolated weekend in the bush.”

You would think these humbling lessons would have taught me to keep my trap shut.  I somehow ignored this lesson and went ahead with my “Lovely Gardens” post.

And of course, it came back to bite me in the bum, enter Steve and Sue.  The brief: she wanted an engagement session (minus the wedding) in a garden setting.

 Not only an arty designer, film student and photographer, herself, she was determined on the venue being a “Lovely Garden”………..pure, pure evil… someone must have sent her to play a joke on me, I thought.

Well I did it, a whole photo session with not bit of grunge in sight!






Happy Birthday Cousin!

27 April, 2008

A few more bits…

23 April, 2008

I have just met with a potential new client and realised that there are certain questions that seem to be repeated with each meeting. So I’ve decided to address some of them right bang-smack here.  That. . .  and the truth be told, I have not had a chance to look through the images I wanted to post this week – a green garden coming soon.  At a blog near you!

Do you do ‘formals’?  Yes, I do shoot formals.  I just do not post them, as I find them boring, although  necessary for the album…..and granny, but boring for the blog.

Are you able to do Black & White and Sepia versions?  Yes, I can and I do put these onto the final CD. It just seems like my “colour obsession” is still with me, particularly when I select for the blog.

Are you able to let us know if another couple is interested in our date?  I have learnt this is not feasible, as I only take on one (or, at most, two) weddings a month it is impossible to “flag” dates. Once I get a confirmed booking, or two, for particular month I then close off that month. The first deposit secures.

After seeing my sample album many clients have commented that I should actually post some album layouts on the blog…first the details now the albums – Gawd, a demanding lot!!

I am in a coffee shop as I post this so do not have access to my PC and am limited to what album is on my USB stick. I have to post now as I have already missed my Monday, Tuesday deadine, and if I wait until I get home you may never see a post so it is a case of NOW or never!

So, here you are a couple of layouts from an album at hand. I have deliberately selected more sepia pages to illustrate that the “colour obsession” is not so strong with the albums.

I promise to post another album in a couple of weeks time and then do so on a regular basis.

To the real novices out, there these are double page spreads.









I would just like to start off by saying, that the couples who hire me ROCK!!

I think I have the best clients, with brides willing to climb on ledges, walk through the veld and even walk in/on water, clothed in their designer white creations, and all in the name of photography.

Annelise and Brett are another one of those arty couples, involved in film production. When it came to the creative portraits, Annelise said they were “game for anything”, and even suggested a cliff…say no more!

Their wedding was a small and elegant affair and the décor details will definitely make the décor post I have been threatening to post… watch this space.

Annalise’s dress, although very plain and simple, was designed by De Mil Studios (featured at SA Fashion Week). I just pray that they do not, by any remote chance, come across my blog and see where their creation ended up!

I am beginning to sound like a broken record here, but another awesome day out, with an awesome couple, brilliant back-up shooter (yip, was lucky once again to have Dror join me) and to experience another special day that makes me think I am lucky to be me!





Vivien & Trevor

8 April, 2008

Writing this post I realise that I have not posted an engagement session in a while. I have been shooting these…REALLY, it just seems that there is trend at the moment where couples book the engagement shoot a week before the wedding.

Whilst I have no problem with this, it just means that I do not get a chance to post them, and after the wedding it’s kind of a done deal, there is no point in posting them.

So it was very refreshing to have one of these shoots booked months in advance. It was also nice that Trevor had organised such a fabulous venue, St Johns in Houghton.

Tough one deciding which ones to post;





A friend mentioned that when I back-up shoot with her, she always has to ‘prep’ the clients about the second shooter at their wedding. Telling them that I’m inclined to get rather excitable and, when very excited, the arms tend to flap around as I attempt to string a sentence together. Plus almost trip over a rock in the process, as the light or position is just so “frikkin” awesome. She knows me, she warns her clients, so no problems there. My clients usually meet me beforehand, so they know what they’re in for!

Last weekend was a little different, as I was second-shooting for Jules Morgan.  Whilst Jules and I have met in person and have had lots of email correspondences… she has never seen me photograph. So I had a harsh talking to myself before setting out.

I reminded myself I was merely backing-up and that I was to remain as cool as a cucumber, professional and keep the arm-flapping under control.

It rained, we did the creatives, Busi and Peter were mingling with their guests…all was going well….I was under control ….. and then……it appeared… a rainbow. I had to have another one-to-one with myself… (“not your client Andrea, calm and collective PLEASE !”).

Rainbow and lighting got even more intense….time for another talking-to…the rain had, by now, almost stopped and the sight before my eyes was killing me….Busi happened to walk past me at that exact moment, and then it all went pear-shaped.

I ran towards Busi, arms flapping going on, incoherently I am sure, about the incredible light and rainbow, and hauled her out again to get these;





I had a great time shooting with Jules; you can have a look at her website to see some more, and mabe get a glimpse of the groom, not just the rainbow!  www.julesmorganweddings.com.

Thank you for the opportunity Jules!

Busi and Peter if you do get to see this, thank you for allowing me to share this special day….I know you did not get the “pre-warning”.