Annelise & Brett – 10 Bompas

15 April, 2008

I would just like to start off by saying, that the couples who hire me ROCK!!

I think I have the best clients, with brides willing to climb on ledges, walk through the veld and even walk in/on water, clothed in their designer white creations, and all in the name of photography.

Annelise and Brett are another one of those arty couples, involved in film production. When it came to the creative portraits, Annelise said they were “game for anything”, and even suggested a cliff…say no more!

Their wedding was a small and elegant affair and the décor details will definitely make the décor post I have been threatening to post… watch this space.

Annalise’s dress, although very plain and simple, was designed by De Mil Studios (featured at SA Fashion Week). I just pray that they do not, by any remote chance, come across my blog and see where their creation ended up!

I am beginning to sound like a broken record here, but another awesome day out, with an awesome couple, brilliant back-up shooter (yip, was lucky once again to have Dror join me) and to experience another special day that makes me think I am lucky to be me!






3 Responses to “Annelise & Brett – 10 Bompas”

  1. Anne Says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic Ms. Carlyle…..they rock as usual…..the bride and groom are gorgeous too….compositons are superb! I can’t wait to see the decor post…..

  2. Kate Says:

    I can never get enough of the silhouette near/in front of a window type shots that you do so beautifully! There’s going to be a decor post?? Bring it on!

  3. Michael Tree Says:

    Hi Andrea

    Lovely images, great composition for the 1st and 2nd one.

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