A few more bits…

23 April, 2008

I have just met with a potential new client and realised that there are certain questions that seem to be repeated with each meeting. So I’ve decided to address some of them right bang-smack here.  That. . .  and the truth be told, I have not had a chance to look through the images I wanted to post this week – a green garden coming soon.  At a blog near you!

Do you do ‘formals’?  Yes, I do shoot formals.  I just do not post them, as I find them boring, although  necessary for the album…..and granny, but boring for the blog.

Are you able to do Black & White and Sepia versions?  Yes, I can and I do put these onto the final CD. It just seems like my “colour obsession” is still with me, particularly when I select for the blog.

Are you able to let us know if another couple is interested in our date?  I have learnt this is not feasible, as I only take on one (or, at most, two) weddings a month it is impossible to “flag” dates. Once I get a confirmed booking, or two, for particular month I then close off that month. The first deposit secures.

After seeing my sample album many clients have commented that I should actually post some album layouts on the blog…first the details now the albums – Gawd, a demanding lot!!

I am in a coffee shop as I post this so do not have access to my PC and am limited to what album is on my USB stick. I have to post now as I have already missed my Monday, Tuesday deadine, and if I wait until I get home you may never see a post so it is a case of NOW or never!

So, here you are a couple of layouts from an album at hand. I have deliberately selected more sepia pages to illustrate that the “colour obsession” is not so strong with the albums.

I promise to post another album in a couple of weeks time and then do so on a regular basis.

To the real novices out, there these are double page spreads.










4 Responses to “A few more bits…”

  1. Anne Says:

    Holy Mother of God!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Andrea these are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Your album layouts and sepias are off the hook…..OMG I am so excited!!!!!!!!! I am so glad you posted these……..Did I already say that I am excited? I am elated!! You are the most exciting thing about my wedding besides marrying my best friend…..I really can’t wait!

  2. Kate Says:

    I think Anne is excited; did you notice? 😛 Yes, they are seriously stunning! I’m so glad you posted some sepia just so we can see the difference. I get your colour obsession, though – your colour pics are so gorgeous. These layouts are really beautiful. I’m running out of adjectives here!

  3. Nicki H Says:

    To all those who doubt Andrea’s talents … HIRE SOMEONE ELSE!!! I have seen Andrea’s work in person and ALL of it is stunning. Not just the sepia or black and white stuff. In fact, the colour pics are the most gorgeous. VIVA ANDREA CARLYLE!!! I look forward to you shooting my wedding later this year 🙂

  4. andreac1 Says:

    thanks ladies…people are seriously going to start to think I am paying you!!

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