Delicious Details

30 May, 2008

Get out your party hats, my blog has just turned one year old!

It was one year ago (well I am a 5 days late with this post) when I posted my very first entry, feeling very “exposed” to this cyber world of people, and I am still here…

..and might I add, that I have kept to my promise of posting one entry a week, I think I need to celebrate with a glass of Chardonnay.

I had my decor photographs ready but then changed my mind, I have decided to post the details from my very first wedding posted a year ago. Michelle and André

Michelle decided to have each table different.




Caroline & Georg

27 May, 2008

Is wedding photography supposed to be this much fun?

Dror Eyal joined me on what started off as an early, very, very early and grumpy start – that is to say, some of us are just not morning people and some of us make bad coffee.

I had loads of laughs though, courtesy of my second shooter, albeit a 06:30 am start.

Going on to the wedding, the bride and groom, Caroline and Georg, decided to tie the knot on her parents farm in the Magaliesberg.   The farmhouse was transformed into the ideal wedding location and as for Caroline’s dress and head-piece….WOW!!

Oh, and Georg.   You looked the business too!

Caroline also took care of my fetish for details…will post them later – have no fear ladies!

One of the drawbacks of an early-afternoon wedding is that you have to deal with the harsh African sun for the creatives.   These pictures were taken at “The Tower of Pisa”, which is an old water tower situated on the farm.

So guys, here is a brief sneak peek of your wedding day!





Engagement Photo’s

20 May, 2008

“Winter will be quiet”, “Winter will be quiet”, I kept repeating to myself all year, and here we sit in May, officially winter, and I am desperately waiting for that quiet spurt to “hit me”.

Had two engagement sessions last week which I will have to upload together in the same post or else you will never get to see them.

First up Franco and Bonnie who tie the knot in October.

And here are Caroline and Georg’s pics who’s wedding photographs will follow next week.







This week’s been a tortoise-and-hare affair. . . me the tortoise and the 7-day git, the large oversized rodent.  My earnest intention was to post these on Wednesday, but here I sit, Friday evening, armed with a well-earned glass of citrus-enhanced, oaken Chadonnay, quickly trying to get this post in before the week officially ends.

So, finally, here are a few shots from last weeks wedding of Amori and Johan, held at Helderfontein Estate.  Despite the rainy start, it turned out to be a picture-perfect autumn day and everything was awesome!  (You saw how great the details were)

Occasionally, just occasionally, you’ll have couples knowing exactly what to do.  And Amori and Johan are, quite simply, one of those extraordinary couples.

I’ve so many favourites – too many, in fact.   However, my BPPC (Blog Picha Post Consultant) has gone AWOL, so here’s a few extra than I had planned to post.  Then again, you know about the serious “selection” problem I have. . . ’nuff said!

Delicious Details

13 May, 2008

I have been storing all the ‘details’ that I love into a folder. I was going to post these every now again, grouped by colour themes, I thought…and then came last weeks wedding where it all just matched the “Pink & Black” theme that it was just too easy to simply post from Amori & Johan’s wedding!

The theme ‘Pink and Black’…their wedding pics in a couple of days.




Amori & Johan

7 May, 2008

It took us a while to get the venue for the engagement shoot sorted, but it all worked out in the end, another one in a week before the wedding!

Thank you both for being so game…Johan wanted grunge Amori, it had nothing to do with me!

Your wedding pics next week!


I have wanted to post quite a bit this week, but have had Internet issues all week…and the dog ate my homework.

Internet back…public holiday today and tommorrow, so being either very optimistic or stupid (I think the latter), I thought I could do a blog update on the laptop, whilst the midgets ‘play nicely amoungst themselves’ . . .at the Spur…not a chance!

Not a very well thought-out, or written, post for a wedding, which was truely a special affair – that of Vanessa and Glenn.

A small and intimate affair. Thank you both, we really enjoyed spending the day with you and your families.

Time to yell….twins fighting. OK, sorted – a bit of peace…is 11am too early to drink?  Let let me quickly upload the images and get back to my yelling at them midgets.

Vanessa and Glenn, I hope you have a fabulous time in Mauritius and that you enjoy these sneaks: