Vanessa & Glenn – Casalinga

1 May, 2008

I have wanted to post quite a bit this week, but have had Internet issues all week…and the dog ate my homework.

Internet back…public holiday today and tommorrow, so being either very optimistic or stupid (I think the latter), I thought I could do a blog update on the laptop, whilst the midgets ‘play nicely amoungst themselves’ . . .at the Spur…not a chance!

Not a very well thought-out, or written, post for a wedding, which was truely a special affair – that of Vanessa and Glenn.

A small and intimate affair. Thank you both, we really enjoyed spending the day with you and your families.

Time to yell….twins fighting. OK, sorted – a bit of peace…is 11am too early to drink?  Let let me quickly upload the images and get back to my yelling at them midgets.

Vanessa and Glenn, I hope you have a fabulous time in Mauritius and that you enjoy these sneaks:






2 Responses to “Vanessa & Glenn – Casalinga”

  1. Anne Says:

    These are amazing!!!!!!! You have the most amazing venues! I love #4 and the last pic….gorgeous sunset unique pic def not the same ol’e boring sunset pics that other photographers are used to shooting…….

  2. Satya Iswara Says:

    Very nice and beautifull

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