Caroline & Georg

27 May, 2008

Is wedding photography supposed to be this much fun?

Dror Eyal joined me on what started off as an early, very, very early and grumpy start – that is to say, some of us are just not morning people and some of us make bad coffee.

I had loads of laughs though, courtesy of my second shooter, albeit a 06:30 am start.

Going on to the wedding, the bride and groom, Caroline and Georg, decided to tie the knot on her parents farm in the Magaliesberg.   The farmhouse was transformed into the ideal wedding location and as for Caroline’s dress and head-piece….WOW!!

Oh, and Georg.   You looked the business too!

Caroline also took care of my fetish for details…will post them later – have no fear ladies!

One of the drawbacks of an early-afternoon wedding is that you have to deal with the harsh African sun for the creatives.   These pictures were taken at “The Tower of Pisa”, which is an old water tower situated on the farm.

So guys, here is a brief sneak peek of your wedding day!






10 Responses to “Caroline & Georg”

  1. Anne Says:

    WOW Andrea…..I can’t even imagine that these were taken in the afternoon…….They look so freaking fab……

  2. Kate Says:

    Dammit Anne, you always get in before me! You’re a better blogstalker than I am. As for the pics, not a drop of harsh afternoon sunlight to be seen – gorgeous as always! Well done, Andrea! And now I want a close-up of her veil and headdress so I can see what was so fab about them, please. 🙂

    Oh, and yes, it is supposed to be that much fun. I imagine that’s why you take such beautiful photos, because you ARE having fun!

  3. What kind of person calls you at 6am and says “Hi, I’m outside”? Anyway, I was only pretending to be awake for the first hour, hence the scenic route.

  4. andreac1 Says:

    Kate there’s a challenge beat Anne to any new post by any wedding photographer, she stalks internationally with the same pace!

    No veil just a decrcrative head piece, Caroline was very much a classic 1920’s bride, not sure if it will be posted as it does not match my details theme I had planned..we’ll see.

    Note to self: Get someone to make a good cuppa when shooring with Drorrrrrrr (the added “r”s to empasise the man was grumpy …quiete..but a tad grrrrrumpy

  5. Kate Says:

    But she’s wearing a veil in the first pic…I am, however, keen to see any oldie 1920’s flavour pics you might have – love that stuff!

    Anne, one day I will beat you, mwahaha.

  6. andreac1 Says:

    ummm yip that sure is a veil…and a bluddy long one too!
    Sorry I meant that there was no veil attached to the headpiece as I associate the term “headpiece” with a birdcage veil.

  7. Kate Says:

    Oh ok! Looks like she just had a drop veil (my favorite!) over the headpiece.

  8. Anne Says:

    LOL Kate……You are too funny….Can’t wait to see your wedding pics so I can finally put a face to the name……besides I reckon you have such great taste….

    You can try to beat me but I am not sure you will succeed ha ha ha

  9. Kate Says:

    Ditto with your wedding pics, Anne! When is your wedding?

  10. Rean Kriel Says:

    Hi Andrea

    Great images, I just love the first one. Well done.



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