Pretty in Pink

25 June, 2008

A wedding on the shortest day of the year and I am reminded about the one thing that I love most about our Johannesburg winter’s…the awesome light!

I am posting pics from a wedding this weekend, a couple of days after the event. Yep, you read right, I can hardly believe it myself, and this acheivement with my PC monitor dying on me and browser issues.

The pics from this wedding will be loaded up in two seperate posts because I really love these images of the bridesmaids (Little girls in pink…..sigh! ) that I just have to post them. I do not want their photo’s to take away from Jenni and Adam’s limelight.

…as one of the guests said to me “If I could be guarenteed a girl I would have another one”….and I agree…If DH reads this I think he will pass out!





The plot of land, at the bottom of our road, that I use to “play in” and photograph the kids has been sold, the green grass has been scrapped off with a bulldozer – I will have to find a new playfield next summer.

The last batch of photos I took before the chilly days of winter kicked in.


Happy Dadda’s Day!

15 June, 2008

As I sit here posting this DH is outside with the twins hanging up the washing.

Happy Dadda’s Day Martin, we all do love you and appreciate you! I know we take the things you do for granted!

..and I had nothing to do with that hideous coat hanger Oliver made for you…enjoy!



Another Album

9 June, 2008

Sam, my trusted childminder, is on leave. So its two weeks at home with the midgets, if you see smoke signals send HELP……and wine! Three hours into day one and I am not sure if I will make it!

This short post has already been interrupted by a fight (Jake tried to close Liam into the cupboard) so no long story just the album pics.





Kim & Leigh

4 June, 2008

I was hoping on posting these before I left, but things do not always work out as we plan. Pretending to be a monster, chasing the kids down the corridor seemed far more important at the time, than getting a quick post in.

So here I sit at Zurich Airport, a day after my deadline, but I’ll be dammed if I miss my weekly post!

I shot Kim and Leigh’s engagement session at Irene Farm last weekend, and here is the proof!

BTW: I will have limited access to my emails and will be back in full swing on Monday.