Another Album

9 June, 2008

Sam, my trusted childminder, is on leave. So its two weeks at home with the midgets, if you see smoke signals send HELP……and wine! Three hours into day one and I am not sure if I will make it!

This short post has already been interrupted by a fight (Jake tried to close Liam into the cupboard) so no long story just the album pics.






7 Responses to “Another Album”

  1. Kate Says:

    Oh wow, look at the winding road! Gooorgeous! Where is this – looks like Clarens?

  2. jenty Says:

    Oh WOW!! Absolutely stunning!

  3. andreac1 Says:

    Spot on Kate it is Clarens! A rather old album and wedding but am doing “MidgetTime” so am restricted.

  4. Kate Says:

    Oh wait, is it that wedding from last year that you had the photo from on “Admired by Beckstead”? Did you and Tanja shoot it? That’s where I recognise it from!

    I can’t believe two people beat Anne, she must be sick 🙂

  5. Anne Says:

    WOW what an album…..Andrea this is AMAZING…….I am absolutely in love with all the pics……WOW WOW WOW OK going to donate liver for album

    I am really in awe! Those colors especially that last one and the one with the winding road….WOW!

    I can’t stop looking at them!

  6. Anne Says:

    Opps Kate and Jenty you absolutely beat….thats what I get for not have a puter for 3 days no worries as long as I have a puter I will beat thee ha ha ha

  7. Kate Says:

    Excuses, excuses…

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