I received a call from my brother last week Thursday, enquiring what plans I had for the following Friday. . . because. . . he and Ursula were getting married.

Well, the original courthouse ceremony kinda transformed itself into a very cosy affair under the trees at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens.

Whipped together in just a week, but, really in essence, what it was all about was the sacred exchanging of vows in the presence of those closest to you in your life.

I, or should I say they, were very, very lucky to have Dror join us. I am not really sure if he was there as a guest or second-shooter, but I did not hear the end of it from the newlyweds, that wicked sense of humour and great images…it does not get better! (You can see what he snapped here www.droreyal.co.za/blog/ )

Congrats Mike and Ursula – here is a peak, as I know you’re both yearning to see!


No dashing firemen this year.

Instead, I had T-Rex and other prehistoric dino creatures as Oliver’s party theme. . . plus, a major dose of unexpected (and unwelcome) DRAMA.

With a little under 2 hours prior to Oliver’s sugar-filled festivities, Jake decided it would be a grand idea to fracture his arm.

On the other hand, and had it been Liam, the fracture would’ve been an “in-action” exploit – probably, as a result of climbing to the top of the jumping castle and tumbling over.

But, NO, not Jake.   He threw a tantrum, flung himself on the floor and cracked his arm – only Jake!!



Not very happy, but lapping up the attention he received.

Happy Birthday Oli!

15 July, 2008

I can not believe, for a moment, I’m the mother of a 4-year-old! It seems as though he was a mere baby just a few months ago. How quickly time goes – I really do need to savour every minute!

Naturally, we visited Oliver’s school today to witness the sheer excitement of being the BIRTHDAY BOY, including the time-honoured blowing out of the candles. Mom supplied re-lightable candles, which thoroughly amused Oliver’s class mates, plus he relished (of course) being the very epicentre of attention.

Happy Birthday Oliver!! Mmmwwwwaaah!

Liam also presided over the event-filled activities. . . and assists (nay, oversees) Oliver’s entire school with the blowing-out ritual.


10 July, 2008

That’s what Ashley and Oliver call me, you have to emphasise them i’s.

Today, I am feeling very brave, am posting a ‘picha of me’. First one I have seen where I look relatively good…Yup it’s all about me!

Picha taken courtesy of Sam who may just become South Africa’s first female african wedding photographer.

BTW, If your name is Carol and you are reading this, I wrote your number down incorrrectly and have no other contact details.


Terms such as The world’s leading-edge photographer and IT Queen will never be thrown my way, as I am what marketers refer to as a “late adaptor”.

I have noticed that there is an international trend for wedding photographers to showcase their images in the form of a slideshow, but ignored this.

Being the “laggard” I am, I was a little sceptical about these slideshows. First of all, you need sound and bandwidth in order for them to fulfil their purpose, which not everyone has. Secondly, most of us stalk sites during working hours (pretending to work), so generally the sound is muted, so as not to blow our cover.  Andrea demonstrates the secret Stalkerazzi sign….. It takes one to know one 🙂

Consequently, slideshows were not really on the must-have agenda, until the “late developer” received a gift in the form of slideshow software.

After seeing one of my weddings in slideshow format, with sound and bandwith, I was almost reduced to tears.

So, hold on to your chairs ladies and gentlemen, the “laggard” has arrived!

Not only have I created a slideshow (the easy part) , I have also figured out how to…here comes a big four-letter IT word ….fttp-up the damn thing (the harder part, which took me days to figure out).

Note before viewing.   In order to make these things LIVE, you have to obtain a “hosting site” in order to store files and since this inaugural slideshow was/is more of an experiment, I just signed up for the first free one I could find… hence the annoying little ad at the top. Please ignore it.

And …drumroll……..here it is.


You may have to copy and paste the url, as the link through does not always work.

Wait for the slideshow to load before you press play, otherwise you get stops where it needs to loadup. You can see it loading on the long bottom grey bar. Fellow stalkerazzi….this one needs sound so save it for home viewing!

Thank you Anne!

Today we Played!

4 July, 2008

I have been spending far to much time behind a computer, today I decided to be four years old, and play!

We decided to find another use for the box my new monitor came in.

I’m not brave enough to post the ones of me sliding down the hill.

I was surrounded by them everywhere.  Where ever I looked there was a lens in sight.  Forget Princess Diana’s wedding – the paparazzi were here.

Adam is a photographer.   His mom, I am told, an even better photographer and, I would say, a good proportion of the guests were photographers.

There were bigger and better Canons every which way I turned.  Mega Pixels flying about and “the pressure” was on to produce the goods.

Although on a much smaller scale to that of HRH Chaz’s and Di’s, Adam and Jenni chose to get married at their home in Parkhurst.  One of the nicest and most sincere couples I have ever photographed.   

Their wedding was a really special affair, where I felt more like one of the guests.

In particular, the way Adam and Jenni kept asking whether I needed anything – you name it, food, drink…..ummm, actually, may be a new Canon would be nice!

Here is the second part of their pics….gulp….hope them photographers don’t come near my blog!




My favourite pic taken by my second shooter Ben