Adam & Jenni – Parkhurst

1 July, 2008

I was surrounded by them everywhere.  Where ever I looked there was a lens in sight.  Forget Princess Diana’s wedding – the paparazzi were here.

Adam is a photographer.   His mom, I am told, an even better photographer and, I would say, a good proportion of the guests were photographers.

There were bigger and better Canons every which way I turned.  Mega Pixels flying about and “the pressure” was on to produce the goods.

Although on a much smaller scale to that of HRH Chaz’s and Di’s, Adam and Jenni chose to get married at their home in Parkhurst.  One of the nicest and most sincere couples I have ever photographed.   

Their wedding was a really special affair, where I felt more like one of the guests.

In particular, the way Adam and Jenni kept asking whether I needed anything – you name it, food, drink…..ummm, actually, may be a new Canon would be nice!

Here is the second part of their pics….gulp….hope them photographers don’t come near my blog!




My favourite pic taken by my second shooter Ben



4 Responses to “Adam & Jenni – Parkhurst”

  1. Katharine Says:

    You’ve delivered the good again, Andrea! The sun ibn ALL those pics is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! I was about to say the first one is my favourite, but damn, the second one has those great clouds, and the last one has that lovely soft glow…

    I wouldn’t be afraid of them photographers, who are probably fretting that you’re going to put them out of business..

    By the way, where is this field? I don’t recall Parkhurst having these wide open spaces when I lived there!

  2. Anne Says:

    I got out of bed just to see this (Sick) and boy did you bring it or brought it!!!

    Oh my I really have no favorite….Maybe I should hire actors to fake they are photographers too ha ha ha

    Muy Caliente! They will be thrilled….FYI these are the BEST pics I have ever seen!! I am really really moved…You really darn brought it!

  3. andreac1 Says:

    Katharine, it was the African Savanah backckdrop 101, that I used for this particular shoot ;-).
    Emmerentia Park the same one where I did Sue and Steves photo’s except this time we used the bottom entrance. Who would have thought …Africa in Parkhurst!

    Anne your wedding still brings on hot flushes and the inability to breathe so I would scrap the hired actors

  4. Sue Says:

    LOVE the first pic! Stunning, stunning.

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