The Laggard has arrived!

7 July, 2008


Terms such as The world’s leading-edge photographer and IT Queen will never be thrown my way, as I am what marketers refer to as a “late adaptor”.

I have noticed that there is an international trend for wedding photographers to showcase their images in the form of a slideshow, but ignored this.

Being the “laggard” I am, I was a little sceptical about these slideshows. First of all, you need sound and bandwidth in order for them to fulfil their purpose, which not everyone has. Secondly, most of us stalk sites during working hours (pretending to work), so generally the sound is muted, so as not to blow our cover.  Andrea demonstrates the secret Stalkerazzi sign….. It takes one to know one 🙂

Consequently, slideshows were not really on the must-have agenda, until the “late developer” received a gift in the form of slideshow software.

After seeing one of my weddings in slideshow format, with sound and bandwith, I was almost reduced to tears.

So, hold on to your chairs ladies and gentlemen, the “laggard” has arrived!

Not only have I created a slideshow (the easy part) , I have also figured out how to…here comes a big four-letter IT word ….fttp-up the damn thing (the harder part, which took me days to figure out).

Note before viewing.   In order to make these things LIVE, you have to obtain a “hosting site” in order to store files and since this inaugural slideshow was/is more of an experiment, I just signed up for the first free one I could find… hence the annoying little ad at the top. Please ignore it.

And …drumroll…… it is.

You may have to copy and paste the url, as the link through does not always work.

Wait for the slideshow to load before you press play, otherwise you get stops where it needs to loadup. You can see it loading on the long bottom grey bar. Fellow stalkerazzi….this one needs sound so save it for home viewing!

Thank you Anne!


9 Responses to “The Laggard has arrived!”

  1. Katharine Says:

    Wow, stunning stunning stunning! I always wanted to see more of this wedding! I’m also always sceptical of slideshows because often they take ages to load, but yours didn’t at all. I’m also still vaguely sad that we never got to look at Helderfontein, because they were closed for the first half of January, and FH was going to be in Cape Town after they opened until Feb, and we really needed to make a venue decision before that. But it looks so beautiful!

    Good job, and a great way to see more pics!

  2. Anne Says:

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OM freaking G!!!!!!!!!!!

    You can’t be serious!!!!!!!! I mean to look at a handful of pics on the blog is a TREAT!!! WHOA!!!!!!!! Gorgeous!……To look at these slide from you is (#$@!$#!@$#%# Heaven!!) ….How on earth do you and BPC narrow them down….I would have posted ALL of them on the blog if it was me……I knew you had GREAT PICS! But damn!!! I have never seen such slide like this that has all amazing pics…Most have a good number but the others are OK…All of these pics are fantastic!!!

    I have been reduced to tears..the holy spirit has come upon me and they are not even my pics…I am beyond speechless!!!! OMFG!!!

    IT queen you might not be….but photography genius I bow down!! I really just need to stop before I continue embarrassing myself….I can’t even articulate what I am feeling! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! For feeding my addiction and I am confident I speak on behalf of your stalkerrazzis’ lurkers and all…..Andrea for President…(US that is ha ha ha)

    On a funny note….Wordpress spell check does not like the word stalkerrazzi…the suggested word is DEERSTALKER ha ha ha I guess the fact that I wake up at odd hours of the night to stalk your blog means WordPress is onto me..I am sure this is what real deerstalkers do….ha ha ha

  3. Rean Kriel Says:

    Hi Andrea

    Brilliant as usual.


  4. Katharine Says:

    Oh man, I just watched it again! Even more moving the second time. Gooorgeous!

  5. Celeste Says:

    I have just watched the video. And you are a GENIUS !!! The photo’s are stunning. I’m in awe of your talent, my friend…

  6. Mandy Says:

    hi there, your link its not working anymore, maybe ask the company that did your website just to host it in one of the folders of the site.
    that way your “cap” on the free site wont run out.
    but im pretty sure your blog being wordpress, you can load it here aswell?

  7. andreac1 Says:

    Thanks for the alert Mandy, will see if I managed to do what you sugest over the weekend…the mere thought of doing web stuff makes me sip another drop of chardonnay…it’s suicide hour I am allowed!

    In an attempt to avoid any hosting web programming this weekend..I found if you just type the linkin it works.

  8. andreac1 Says:

    WordPress would not let me type in the rest of my comment…no more space to type…and I did try scoll down :-).
    So here is the second bit..wordpress, looked into it, I can’t, not with the version I have.
    But will try find my website bits…if the site is down Monday you know why

  9. Mario Sales Says:

    What can I say, just looved it. Grown men don’t cry but then again I’m still a boy, so it’s allowed. Great work Andrea. My favourite the slice out of the cake- pricless and original. Well done.

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