At the Park…

5 August, 2008

I am running around this week trying to get a petition going to save a little forest, from the “CHOP” in our area. Yep, my name is Andrea and I have been a tree hugger for the past five years!

No time for a wedding post, if I get a chance later this week I will try and upload an album for the fustrated brides.

For now these pics from the park will do.


I love this one of Jake, life is just wonderful with not a worry in the world.

Note to self, I must get a different layout for my blog as these small pics do not do justice!


2 Responses to “At the Park…”

  1. Jenty Says:

    What gorgeous photos! I love the second one, and the angle at which you took the first one.

  2. Anne Says:

    I LOVE them

    Even though they are not wedding pics they still show the freaking talent! LOVE THEM!

    I hope you have them framed….Also I completely agree with you on the huge pics. There is nothing quite like seeing huge andrea’s pics

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