Another Album

18 August, 2008

Here is that album I tried to post last week.Those legitimate blogstalkers will know that my second shooter was none other than Dror Eyal, at The Cradle last year, and will recognise some of his images in there. Not the whole album, just my favourite pages:






9 Responses to “Another Album”

  1. Anne Says:

    I can’t imagine how freaking awesome this album is. This was one of my fav weddings…….

    Very very cool! I love the getting ready pics in black and white…Brilliant move!

  2. Katharine Says:

    Eva was such a beautiful bride – and those clouds were amazing! But they wouldn’t look so beautiful or amazing without your fab photography, so well done! I only hope my album looks this stunning.

  3. andreac1 Says:

    Eva and Matt, were just gogeous, nothing to do with my photography, or photoshop!! My brother….now there was days even months of Photoshopping 🙂

  4. Dror Says:

    I remember Eva, 8 foot or so of Nordic blond and a killer smile … album looks grand … the groomsmen on the far right was at two other weddings I second shot with you last year …

  5. andreac1 Says:

    Did not recognise him….was that the groomsman that told us we were “the celebrity photographers”?

  6. Sam Says:

    This is my first comment,I dont know what to say your work is always great and amazing

  7. andreac1 Says:

    Sam, I find it an extreeme honour that you have made a comment on my blog, as I know how thrown you are when it comes to making comments!!

    Your debut wedding this weekend and I am SURE you will be the first SA black, female, kick ass, wedding photographer!!!!

  8. Gezina Shaw-Butler Says:

    Brilliant photos !!!!

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