Dedicated to Ava – Superprincess

22 August, 2008

There’s an Australian blog I’ve been accessing (nay, addicted to) for virtually two and a half years or so.  Little did I know, at the time, that this particular blog would make me quietly weep and, most of all, remind me to deeply cherish my children and to hug them a little tighter at every opportunity – especially, at night.

Whilst I have never made any attempt to contact the author (Sheye), I find her photography and down-to-earth writing, despite her very personal  tragedy, a constant inspiration.  Above all, it makes me appreciate every micro-second with my boys; not to mention how the most simple (plus taxing) moments in a day are, in all reality, of the utmost importance.

Today, little Ava (Sheye’s first daughter) should have celebrated her 5th Birthday.

My lads (and Ashley, of course) released three balloons for you today, Ava.  Sorry, precious Ava, but the shop did not stock pink, but I am in no doubt, at all, your Mum, Dad, Ivy and Brothers sent you more than enough pink balloons. . . and some, to boot!!

Do not click on the link unless you are prepared to shed a tear!


3 Responses to “Dedicated to Ava – Superprincess”

  1. Anne Says:

    What a sweet post and gesture. Now you have me crying at work!

  2. Nicki Says:

    Your boys are beautiful Andrea … what a wonderful way to remember little Ava 😥

  3. Dror Says:

    I remember the day you sent me a link to this blog without any warnings, that was the last time I clicked on a link from you. V clicked on this one, before I could say anything, and I was instantly back in that place.

    Tell Oliver Raboobie says hi …

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