Cyndi & Jeroen – The Cradle of Humankind

27 August, 2008

The couple I met in March was not, by any means, the couple I had photographed this weekend, at The Cradle.
Cyndi had lost loads of weight since our initial meeting and dyed her hair blonde, plus Jeroen had grown a beard.

You guys looked great and it helped that the both of you were so chilled the entire day!

Cyndi had requested the “Dark Cloud Cradle” backdrop, but there wasn’t a cloud in sight! My third wedding at the Cradle and I am glad to say that each wedding has had a different look and feel to it.

Also, a big THANK YOU to the both of you for allowing a third shooter, which meant that Sam accomplished her debut wedding.

Enjoy Mauritius!

I am back to posting decor pics as my other idea of separate posts is not working. Sam & Belinda contributed to these!



The ceremony (above) was held under the tress.










12 Responses to “Cyndi & Jeroen – The Cradle of Humankind”

  1. Katharine Says:

    Beautiful as usual! I particularly like the one in the road with the large branch overhead. And YAY for the return of the decor pics! You know how I love them 🙂
    I would also have requested the dark sky, but their pics are stuuuuning so they have no cause for complaint!

  2. Anne Says:

    Eye candy for real!!!!!!!!!

    WOW!!!!!!! you really amaze me by how many times you can shoot at the same location and still end up with different images

    I love ALL of them….you made my day….

  3. andreac1 Says:

    Katharine, you had me staring at my images trying, for the life of me, to find that road.
    Took me a while to click, but that is actually Cyndi and Jeroen at the ceremony, “the road” is actually a hessian alternative to the red carpet!

  4. Cyndi & Jeroen Says:

    You have me crying here, Andrea!!! LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MORE MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You ROCK even more than I thought 🙂

    C & J vdB
    checking in from Mauritius LOL!!!

  5. andreac1 Says:

    Cyndi, you have just made my day!!!

    The last image looks like crap on the blog, but my favourite, and when you see the full res version, you will be blown away!! lotsa special pichas….ONLY problem, could not choose!!!!

  6. Katharine Says:

    *pisses self* OMG I totally see the guests now! It really looks like a long road! Ok, great ceremony picture, then! 😛

  7. Anne Says:

    WOW what a cracker. I missed the guests too the first time. Were you on the ground when you took that pic? The angle is very interesting. It’s like you were lying down though I doubt thats what you did

  8. andreac1 Says:

    Ok labelled, if my “PROstalkers” missed it, I doubt the novices will see it was a ceremony shot.

    Anne I had to lie down, as I neeeded the branch to soften the flare…no one saw me, except the videographer.

  9. Anne Says:

    Damn!! I’m good….I thought so but I was like NO way…..Now THAT is commitment

    If I was the video guy I would totally be intimidated!

  10. Katharine Says:

    Oooh, am I a PROstalker? Love it!

  11. Cyndi & Jeroen Says:

    Just got the pics today………. Have been crying for hours…..

    THEY ARE MINDBLOWINGLY SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!!! Andrea, you have confirmed my believe that you are a superstar 🙂

    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making two nerds look so bloody fantastic!


    Cyndi & Jeroen

  12. andreac1 Says:

    If that’s what ‘nerds’ look like I would like to trade in my “superstar” startus for ‘nerd’ status.

    I am so glad you like your pics!!

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