I am an emotional wreck!

Over the past two weeks I have discovered I am not equipped psychologically for this wedding photography thing.

Last week’s wedding I brushed aside – it was a once-off and it won’t happen again too soon, I thought.

Well, enter Grant’s and Elizabeth’s ceremony.   I actually lost count of how many times I shed a tear.

I write ‘shed a tear’ in an effort to downplay the situation, as in reality there were a fair few “pure sobbing” moments.

I may need to get some Help! (Not sure if I am sending out the right message here? “Hire me – I’m an emotional wreck!”)

Elizabeth and Grant: your day was one I will truly not forget; packed solid with uniqueness and sensitivity.

Elizabeth is the type of person who has the most smallest detail covered and, for such an organised person, I must say the getting-ready part of the day was one that will go down as the most chilled and hassle-free.

I am really at a loss for words here – this is about the sixth draft and I’m still unable to describe the day.

So my apologies to all and hopefully the images will cover my literary shortcomings.

Oh well, if the photography side doesn’t work out, I certainly see a market out there for a “wedding crier”




The bride and flowergirl arriving at the ceremony.


The ceremony was held outside with a perfect sky.


A taste of Summer

22 September, 2008

Bring on the ice lollies, sprinkler, chardonnay sundowners in the garden and all things summer!

Our first visit to the pool, the water was still a little too cold for a full plunge!





Nicki & Dave – Toadbury Hall

18 September, 2008

Tasteful, intimate, emotional and exceptional are the words which come to mind in describing Nicki’s and Dave’s wedding.

The ceremony was nothing short of utterly beautiful, in a forest strung with crystals – and, not a dry eye in sight.   It’s especially great to see (and capture) such genuine and spur-of-the-moment emotions; shared between two people. (Sorry, Dave… I didn’t mean to spill the beans on the tears, but let’s face it – you had every single guest grabbing a Kleenex too).

The reception was a luxurious picnic on Toadbury Island – a unique little part of Toadbury Hall I never knew existed.

Originally, I was a little annoyed with myself, tackling a wedding on my birthday weekend, but as it turned out, I couldn’t have planned a better day out; doing what I love most, in great company with truly special people who clearly adore life to the full.

My second shooter. . . yep, you guessed it, the gaffer himself.  In fact, you can see Dror’s version of events here; http://www.droreyal.co.za/blog/nicki-and-david-at-toadbury-hall/

You will also see the pic, which had intimidated me a little; added to which the comment implying I’ll be posting “Killer Bee” images and, hence, the selection dilemma, plus delayed post!

That’s it.    It’s official – blame Dror for the delay! (nothing like passing the buck)

Just before Nicki left for the ceremony her sister read her a message from the UK, which had me in tears too!

The couple prepared their own vows, hence the tears!

Pucker up!

16 September, 2008

Oliver and Jake on the kitchen steps, just before we left for Uncle’s house on Sunday.


Jakes killer pose, as Oliver wipes away any traces of a kiss!

I am using these photo’s to “buy” a couple more days, Nicki and Dave later this week!

Happy Birthday MamaGOliver!

10 September, 2008

When I was a teenager, I thought that when I had reached my mid – OK, so officially just past the ‘mid’, now I’m in my ‘later’ 30s – I would be all grown up, act responsibly and be as serious about life as all “adults” do.

Why is it, then, that my mind still feels like I am in my early twenties?

Picture courtesy of Sam….who else?


2 September, 2008

A couple of months back, I was approached by Elra Rabe, the editor of an on-line magazine titled Konfetti, to submit some photos from three weddings she had seen on my blog.

I am very thrilled Elra featured one of my efforts in the first edition, which was actually launched yesterday.  If, by chance, you fancy a sneak peek, it’s on pages 44-47 of this link: http://www.konfetti.co.za/

Well done, Chris and Sue for being selected!

Partied Out!

2 September, 2008

Three parties, one weekend. Oliver has more of a social life than both his parents!


Cousin Angelique at grannies party.

Happy Birthday Mom & Ashley!!