On Friday I had the ridiculously amusing “job”…. second-shooting for my dear friend Dror, at the Moon and Sixpence.

With the name Andrea (even pronounced identically as mine “Andreya”) how could the bride be anything but wonderful?

Many thanks, Andrea and Xen, for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day!  It was really great!

Dror and I were blessed with a gorgeous couple and amazing African skies…what more could you need, for fantastic images?

Those of you who may believe the sky is fake , a post-production Photoshop add-on, take a look at Dror’s Blog  http://www.droreyal.co.za/blog/moon-and-sixpence-wedding-photography/ – I assure you, it was totally authentic! (and confession I am not that good with Photoshop)

This post is going to be short, as I had to put up a few of the faves…you will also see, by my selection, that I am kind of obsessed with “the sky” images.


Translation: Sunday was spent chilling at my brothers’s home; braaing (BBQ), swimming and sipping chardonnay. There should be two Sunday’s in each weekend.


Cousin Angelique



….and Jake who was not too keen on the water

I have to apologise to everybody who has been waiting anxiously to see Anne’s and Warwick’s images on the blog. 

Quite honestly, things have been crazy with it being the summer wedding season, not to mention editing and album orders coming in.

I even received a “when can we see the pitchas” e-mail from the UK, asking when would I post these….. hopefully, they’ve been worth the wait!

Any how, back to their wedding ‘cause this IS about their wedding, right? 

Married under the Jacaranda’s, what a fabulous wedding it was.  And what made it even more fabulous for the detail DIVA, was the lovely finer points and personalised napkins… feast your eyes ladies.

Anne and Warwick have known each other since Grade One, which means that on their wedding day they had known each other for twenty years already!

There aren’t many couples out there who have known each other for two decades and still look this good!

Morning Hair

20 October, 2008

Sporting the 6am mullets…

I did have beautiful muslin curtains . . . once, Oliver pulled the curtain rail down months ago. YES! agreed I have dirty windows!


I have spent hours redesigning my logo, not the main logo just the one on the images (for the blog), to accomodate a secret project I am working on, will keep you posted 😉

What do you think?  . . . It does not look that great on this blog design, think I may be giving away my secret project!

The boys wearing the same ol’ oufits again! Seems like my children are allergic to clothes!!


Oliver inbetween Dadda’s legs

I’ve written my “blurb” here about Franco and Bonny … blah blah, and then did something really brainless and it all just withered away.

So now my blah blah is departed… RIP.

Who needs it anyway? We just want to see the photos!

As a result, I’m feeling a little guilty, so I’ll divulge a little about their day…

We were at St Johns again, which now makes it two in a row for me.

It would appear my venues have become a little like buses: nothing and then two at a time, and at the self-same venue.

We were somewhat restricted this time round, as most of the venue had been cordoned off, on account of a firework display later that evening.

Oh, and I really must mention their wedding was AMAZING!!!!! 

Bonny looked absolutely breathtaking in her dress, in fact, very vintage – so I had to play with a vintage treatment or two!

We had a ray of light in the church which made some beautiful photographs, Bonny stood just in the right spot. This is my favourite of the lot, taken by Chantal.

“Dadda” time…

12 October, 2008

Who would have known? . . . Liam has a soft side!

I do wish that ‘time’ would slow down, just little bit more, let them stay like this for longer!